That 70s Wisconsin Beat: A Continuation of Gary E. Myers’ Research into Wisconsin Pop/Rock/Soul/Country, Part Two

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   That 70s Wisconsin Beat: A Continuation of Gary E. Myers’ Research into Wisconsin Pop/Rock/Soul/Country, Part Two

    The following are the additional unpublished research notes made by Gary E. Myers who has granted SLAHS permission to publish them in two parts. The page title is the idea of website editor Mike Reilly, and may not be used without his permission. All rights reserved. No part of this webpage may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from author/researcher Gary E. Myers.

This is comprised of peripheral info from my 60s research. Many of the items were saved as notes rather than usable finished entries. Also, many of the artists in this document have some connection to earlier artists covered in my books. Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

NOTE: The following artists were originally included in my 50s-60s books due to incorrect info that indicated 1969 as the year of their record releases:

American Tea Co
Apple-Glass Cyndrom (listed in appendix of 1st bk)
Bowery Boys / Baby Grand / Clicker
Little Gregory & the Concepts

Gary E. Myers is the author of “Do You Hear That Beat: Wisconsin Pop/Rock in the 50’s & 60’s”, pub. 1994, and “On That Wisconsin Beat”, pub. 2006. Gary may be contacted at  where copies of his books may be purchased.

Note: The format below is much the same as that in Gary’s two published books.
Please address all additions, updates, and corrections to Gary E. Myers for verification and addition to this listing!

See Part One

Louie & Carnation

Third Coast 0109 I Got A Feeling/Someday

Bob Lyle

Appleton 102 Walkin’ Down The Mountain/Oh, Really Now /74


John (Gus) Brannon – gtr
Paul Nedden – B3/sx (7/3/48; Milwaukee)
Dean Friess – bs (6/24/50; Milwaukee)
Dennis Murphy – dr (dec 2/95)
Beverly Hills 9345 I Should Have Known Better1/It’s Good To Be Home (Machine) 3/70
Flying Machine
Night Owl 1493 I’ll Find You Anyway/Flying On The Ground2 /69

Major & Lieutenants
(Rockford, IL)

HHH 1516 Love, Peace And Soul/Communicating /70

Dennis Malone (with the Country Knights)

Page 7802 She’s A Whole Lotta Woman/She’s A Whole Lot Like You


Don Amby
Rainbow I’m Thinking About You/More Of You /79 ?

The Mansion

Louis Lister
Gibbs 406 The Girl Next Door/Stop, Let Your Heart Be The Guide
The members of this band were all incarcerated at the time of the recording.
See Devils

Mason & Johnson

Unit Productions1872 So Hard To Know/Love Song (#18880?)
(R. Scott Johnson/Lesley Duncan)

Doug McDade & the Purple People

Doug McDade – gtr/bs (8/26/49; Dayton, OH)
Dennis Hill – ld gtr
Randy Schwoerer – pno/gtr
Tom Kellner – dr,
Purple 102 The Purple People Eater/Rock & Roll Music /71
1001 I Wanna Do It/Gonna Be Alright /73
Band was previously known as Glass Fog. Randy Schwoerer became a successful producer in Minneapolis, with Yipes. He later relocated to Indianapolis.

Minnesota Ranch Hands

Cuca 1518 Wabash Cannonball/Chime Bells /70
1519 Hu La La/Big House On The Corner /70
1540 Honky Tonk Angel/Under The Double Eagle /70

Cal Monegar

Vera 7571 Meanwhile Back At The White House/Mission Impossible /75


Dean Hottinger – sx (1/17/49; Milwaukee)
Bill Tate (Tuczynski) – bs (1/21/49, Milwaukee)
Sage 101 I Do3/Things I Could Be /72
PKC 1012 Watermelon Man4/Tell Daddy5 /68

Laverne Montgomery

Cuca 5045 He’s Your Prize/I’d Like To Help You Out /74
5046 Stand By Me/Wind Storm /74
Wife of Dick Hiorns.

Music Tymes

Joe Delongchamp
Coulee 144 Lonely Man/Oh Evil Woman /72
See Fendermen, Paco & Citations (ask Mark Young)

Ron Myers

Moja 6879 Charma/Cheatham’s Rap /79


ascap-bmi OMR-85-4502 Capt’n Carl Productions, inc.
Brookwood Station, Wisc. 53711 US of A

I played the record and it is terrific but no clues as to the date.  Side 1 is a great country novelty, but old 50s country.  Side 2 is a complete departure—a teener ballad with superb vocal.  Well, we know this is not a 50s record due to the zip code.  The label is a bit hokey but that could fit any time period.  The songs are both very long which is not typical of an older record.  It is a stereo 45.  If a million dollar bet were on the line I would say it is a 70s record done by an unknown “great” artist who can easily imitate the sounds of 50s country and 50s ballads—or not.  The smoke salmon side could mean smoke pot with references to drinking, etc. so 60s is back on the table. All in all a wonderful undiscovered WI record.  John R

New Breed

Page 7706 (So Was The) Summer/Highway Blues

New Company Revue

Page 3007 Theme From “Summer Of ’42″/Shop Around /76

New Legion Rock Spectacular

Spectacular 6078 Rave On/Jungle Beat
11075 Wild One/Second Cousin

Nite Owls
(Green Bay)

Bill Fearing
Art Korpi – ld
Doc Dugan – stl
Stan Coooper – rh
Country Inn 5206 The Pack Will Be Back/The Country Inn /72

North Edition
(Elkhart Lake – per Tourville)

Sunn 721230 Muleskinner Blues/Night Train /72

Tommy O’Day
(9/15/31; Fresno, CA)

Sioux 5176 Railroad Bum/I Can’t Forget You 8/66
Tiger 106 Railroad Bum/Just Enough To Break My Heart
(Shawmut/Cambridge, MA label) SoCal to age 16, HI, Korea, etc, to WI ’71

Old No. 7

Hey You (label) /79
w: Tommy Orrico, Horizon Studios, Ripon

Paco & Citations / Citations / Dick Bjorkman & Citations

Jim Delongchamp (1/4/39; Kingsford,MI)
Dick Bjorkman (lead on Chime Bells)
Leroy Beribeau (bro of Jim) = Paco
Sara 5035 Hey Daddy/You Win Again (Citations) /74
5036 Cheryl-Moana-Marie/Chimebells /74
See Music Tymes

Pandemonium Shadow Show

Janet Wagner – voc
Kerry Narf – rh gtr (7/9/51; Paw Paw, MI)
Tim – bs
Also dr, kb, ld gtr
Teen Town 177 Sunshine Summer Day/Tender Is The Girl /70
Narf also sang on some Tony’s Tigers sessions. (David Carr?)


Earth 5001 Quicksand/It Came Out Of The Sky m# /70
(Creedence – 2/69/Youngbloods – 5/69)
Time 501 Sunny Days (& Good Living) /Sea Of No Return
(Greg Praeg-Brent Music/no info)

Fred Pascoe
(9/4/44; St. Augustine, FL – 6/9/11; Bullhead City, AZ)

Blue Hour 1005 Just A State Of Mind/Until It’s Time For You To Go /70?
A – w: Chris Gantry-Stanley Haas
Also see: Hi-Lites

John Patachek

Page 4101 Bartender/Frankie

Peppermint Ridge

Ken “Frog” Vandeyacht, 206 Edwards St, Combined Locks 54113, 414-788-9288
Larry “Pud” DeGroot, Bruce “Burp” Taggart
Blue Eagle 135/36 Boogie Woman/Live On /76
137/38 Can’t You Hear Me/Tornado Weather /76
See Sertified Sound


Calgar 0005 Can This Be Real/Till I Get Home


Donnie Coleman – leader
Eddie Reese
Roosevelt Wesley
James Hickles
CurriCane CR102 Future/Future II (/I) /71

The roots of the Personations go back to Roosevelt Junior High School where Donnie Coleman had a vocal group called the Impersonations, named for their ability to emulate popular groups. Coleman met Curry Johnson who also had a group (Van Earl and the Vantations) and the two became close friends. In 1971, Johnson formed the CurriCane label and presented his tune, “Future” to the Impersonations.

They recorded at Motor City Recording in Detroit using a backing band known as the Organization. “IM” was dropped from the name because they were no longer impersonating others. They became a popular live attraction, often playing with other underground Milwaukee acts such as the Chefs, Aalon Butler and the New Breed, the Altruistics, and the Cheaters.

Prentice Ramblers

Larry Hass – ld gtr Ron Walker – bs
Deanna Hass – voc Joe Kranik – bs
Don Lasee – rh gtr (9/33; Catawba) Jim Lesik – bs
Larry Jones – bs) Dan Weinand – bs
Dean Strobach – dr
Prentice 1000 A Wound Time Can’t Erase/A Time To Care /70
0928 She Called Me Baby/Give Me A Song To Sing /71
Jam USA LP 521N4 The Prentice Ramblers /70
Originally a trio circa 1965, this band lasted for 17 years, playing mostly regionally, with some gigs in Milwaukee and Eau Claire. They backed Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Thompson, Eddy Raven & others, and opened for Jim Ed Brown, Crystal Gayle, Bob Luman & others. Guitarist Denny Bloom played on their Wausau sessions. Don Lasee & Deanna Hass were invited to sing on the Wheeling Jamboree by a man who heard them at a logging show, and they recorded the LP while there. Dan Weinand is Deanna’s brother, and her uncle was Hoot Roberts.
“She Called Me …” is taken at a brisk shuffle tempo with Mary Robbins flavor to Don’s vocal. “Wound …” is a medium shuffle with a duet vocal. “Give Me …” is another duet shuffle. All the cuts on the LP are nicely done, although this one sounds as if it may be from an earlier session.
Also see: Rags Of Riches (Jim Lesik), Denny Bloom & the Sidemen

George Pritchett
(dec age 56)

Kinnickinnic LP101 Pritchett By Request /71
102 Many Faces Of
Mike Ugrich – bs, Bobby Jones – dr, Baltimore Bordeaux – dr

Pynk Peach Mob

Rex Jackson (Rexford Denard Jackson?)
Ernest David Jackson
Night Owl 1558 No Tears/Love Captured Me /71
David Jackson
c/o Southwest Gems
PO Box 14224
Springfield, MO 65814
Wed, 1/22/2014
Eula J. Jackson, 91, Parsons, KS, died Sun, 1/19/2014.
Eula married Ernest Jacob Jackson 11/25/40, in Maryville, Mo.

Survivors include two sons, Ernest David Jackson of Springfield, Mo. and Rex T. Jackson of Neosho, Mo.; and two daughters, Iva Jane Martin of Parsons and Janice “Jan” E. Boehnke of Phoenix.
18800 Noland Ln,
Neosho, Newton County, MO-64850

This was a band that happened in the psychedelic era around 1968, about the time the song “THE LETTER” was popular (my note: 8/67-12/67). This band was comprised of Steve Gaines lead guitar & vocals, Don Malchi guitar, John Moss drums, Jerry Carpenter bass, Dee Poole lead vocals and Mike Rivers keyboards. Jim Poole also played the Hammond C-3 organ.


Billy Brooks
Myron Lee
Kenny Lee
Michael Wesley
Innovation II
Managed by Harvey Scales

Radio Flyer
(Fond du Lac)

Charles Boyd – dr
See Ellie Shepherd, p.249 OTWB

(Milwaukee per Tourville)

Ex Calibur 80 Be My Love/Girl Like You

(Milwaukee per Tourville)

Neighborhood 4205 Lazy Kind Of Day/Lucky Blue Bird (ps)
4508 Keep On Pushing/Center Of The Circle
GRT 40 Sailin’ Easy/Warm

Ram Rock

Peter Flick – ld gtr/kb
Michael McGovern – rh gtr
James K. Appleby – bs
Craig Gallos (Bennie Zimmerman) – dr
Hammerhead — Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me/You Can’t Do That (Lennon-Mc) 2/75
Produced by John Hoier of the


Page 32174 Remember The Good Times/I Just Can’t Hide The Feeling /72

Ray & Connie
(Green Bay)

Racon 1272 The Rooster Song/Bring Him Back To Me /72
A slightly naughty novelty back with a female ballad with piano, recorded Castle studio in Lake Geneva.

Rear Exit / Exit

Scott Yeager – voc
John Frederickson – ld gtr
Bill Preuss – kb
Peter Bloom -rh gtr
Gary Leistikow – bs
Ken Burhop – dr (5./7/53, Pt Washington, now dir of research for health care co)
Night Owl 1527 Thinking Of You/Summertime (w: Brennen) 9/70
Together from 1967-72, Rear Exit placed 3rd in a Battle-Of-The-Bands. The Night Owl release was shown as by “Exit”.
See Come As You Are


Target 2003 Looking Through A Glass Darkly/I Fought For Sloopy /71
W: Mike McQueen ? (519-326-5233 ONT, Socan – 2 pgs) R.L. Mullen (TM listed), Septima Music

Cathy Reeve
(d: 1977, age 22)

5051 Missouri River/Wanderin’ In My Mind (Black Hawk)
Both sides were written by Cathy’s father, Wilbur, who had a grocery store in Black Hawk.
Article from the Daily News, Feb 12, 1977

The scene would be replayed many times. Every day after school, Cathy Reeve, Black Hawk, WI., would huddle in her bedroom – sometimes daydreaming – often strumming on her guitar. Her guitar & the music she made from it had become her salvation. She dreamed of using it to become famous. “She carried the guitar with her all the time,” her father remembers.”

200 miles away, Cynthia Harper, a west side Chicago woman, also 21, dreamed of becoming someone important, a nurse. She was anxious to help people – so much so that a neighbor who remembers her childhood describes her this way: “If she saw one of her neighbors walking down the street with a bag of groceries she would offer to help carry them.”

The women had different backgrounds – one a small town white, the other a big city black. Neither had money in their family; their life-styles were not shared. Much of their lives they spent apart, but for the last 16 months they were closer than sisters. Their differences had become similarities and their successes and failures were akin.

They were together one day two weeks ago when they died. Moments apart, they plunged to their deaths from an eighth floor window at the Lawson YMCA. A Neighbor at the YMCA called their deaths a “tragic mistake.” And indeed they appear to be. It’s believed that only Cathy had planned to leap from the YMCA hotel window because she believed she had cancer. Cynthia wasn’t supposed to have fallen from the window. Police found evidence to that when they discovered two envelopes, one addressed to Cathy’s parents and the other addressed to Cynthia. Inside were letters that gave instructions for what should happen to her belongings.
The medical examiner’s office has called the deaths suicides and the two vibrant women have become statistics to those who never knew them.


See Tempests

Gary Reinke

Sara 1541 This War’s Over And Done/Being Carried Away /70
UA no# This War’s Over And Done/Being Carried Away

Denny Render
(Eau Claire)

TAV 901017 Lonely Woman/Jambalaya
B Cole worked with him.


1121 I Need You, I Need You/Keep On Pushing /70
Soul group.

Bob Reitman

Charisma LP 2002 The 11th House LP /72

This was tied in with a multi-media show, “The Lift Presents The Eleventh House with Bob Reitman” Bob Reitman recites poetry with musical accompaniment, recorded at Key-Charisma Recording Studios. Musicians include John Sahli (ex-Shags – gtr sitar), Gary Nagel (bs), Mike Balistierri (ex idewalk Skipper Band, flute & organ), Tony Brown (acoustic guitar), Charlie Croope (congas & flute), Sid Wingfield (electric organ), Ted Wingfield (electric guitar & electric bass), Joel Rogers (drums), Monte Knight (congas & bongos), Joe Balistreri (ex Sidewalk Skipper Band, electric guitar), Carl Swink (tenor sax), Van Earl Patterson (electric guitar), Perry Milewski (acoustic & electric guitar).

(Manitowoc – per Tourville)

CZI 1009 Like I’m In Love/Sailer /74

(Milwaukee per Tourville)

Zero 6021 Goin’ Home/Where Can You Run

Wayne Roberts & the Committee

New Cinema 6912 Israel/Off Again /71

The above songs were written by John & Nick Kondos of the Corporation. Their uncle, Michael J. Kondos (9/5/17-5/13/89), produced the sessions at Buck Lipe’s Belleview, Illinois studio. Neither Kondos brother had any recollection of the group.


Doug Cayer (also see Journeymen)
Studio Sound 015/16 Maybe I’m Amazed/I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better (label also shown as King David)

Jimmy Rogers

Night Owl 1533 I’m Fallin’ Out With Myself/I’m Reapin’ Wild Seeds /70

Theresa Rose

Song In The Night — Santa Don’t Forget My Mommy/Lilies Of The Field
Loren Lee Longard, 1147 Harvey St, Green Bay 54302-1409, 920-435-2184, prod: Donnie Sanders,L.L.L. Publishing BMI
Little girl singing country-cute-ish.

Royal Host

Randy Scott (Albee) – gtr
Mick Joswick – dr
Robin Lee – bs
See Robin Lee

Roger Rudy & the Pyramids
(Chippewa Falls)

Roger Rudy (11/2/43; Chippewa Falls) – gtr
Rodney Scholtz – ld gtr/bs
Tom Oemette – dr
Pyramid 101 Honky Tonk Man/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You /68
103 Oh Boy/Six Days On The Road /70
? Traveling Band/Tell Me What’d I Say /72
? Hello Mary Lou/It’s Only Make Believe /86
? It’s a Matter of Time/At The Hop /87
? Diana/Pledging My Love /88
? Please, Please Me/Barbara Ann /92

Roger Rudy recorded these remakes of oldies at Scott Sound Studios. He placed the records on jukeboxes and sold them at his mostly weekend gigs, usually within a 100-mile radius of home. Rudy started the band in 1968 and kept it going for 25 years. The Pyramids played live from the Empire Cafe in Chippewa Falls on WAXX radio in 1969, and from the Long Branch Bar in Black River Falls in 1972-73. Rudy first played piano and accordion as a child and, while living in Sacramento, CA in 1961, he played in his brother’s band there. Rudy left the music business in 1993 and opened the Bay Street Coin Shop in Chippewa Falls.

David E.W. Ruka

Page 3006 Everybody Wants A Little Bit Of Everybody Else’s Everything/
Remember Whose Boy You Are /76

Paul Rushing & Nashville Sounds

Page 20010/11 Tobacco Road/Mansion On The Hill /75

(Fond du Lac)

Stab no # Why Can’t You Stay/Dream Come True

Daniel J. Schwab

Page 20020/21 Blue Collar Blues/For The Good Times

Sue Scott

Page 462-21 The End Of The World/It’s A Matter Of Time

Second Breakfast

Jim Wood – bs
Chuck Grasamke (Northridge, GIT) – ld gtr
Bruce Grasamke (Madison) – voc
Bill Grasamke (Madison) – dr

Audio Productions Oh To Be Near That Girl/? /71


Jeff Roberts – gtr (4/2/55; Oshkosh – dec /04)
Dick Lane – gtr
Bruce Bradley – gtr
Dick Middleton – dr

Banana 1522 I Want You/Looking For You /70
1550 You’re The Only Girl For Me/What I Am /71

“My parents used to haul me around to gigs,” recalled Jeff Roberts, who was only 15 at time of this band’s first release. Seltaeb (“Beatles” spelled backwards) had other members over their 2-1/2 year span. Roberts and Middleton later formed Jake.

See Jake.

7th Day Creation
(Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls)

Terry Modl (T.Christian)
Jonathan Hartzell

Coulee 133 She Is My Reason/Evil On Your Mind /70
Tangent 102 I Need You/How Can I Go On Livin’ (This Way) /70
Fox played on Coulee session

Shilo Golden Revival

John G. Shrantz – ld gtr
Peter Seelig – rh gtr/kb
Frank Helien – bs Dave Brieder – bs
John Varga – dr

Page 7705 Just A Dream/Happy In Your Own Way 8/77


Jill Kossoris (414-357-6176)

Private Stock 45106 This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)/

Short Stuff

Jim Liban – hca
Eric Epstein – gtr
Junior Brantley – kb
Ken Berdoll – bs
Kenny Arnold – dr

Age of Aquarius 1547 Talk Is Cheap/Bread And Butter Woman A5KS-2363 /71
Third Coast 5127 Everyday/Merry Christmas Baby (C Brown) 12/79
1805 High School Confidential/She’s Mine (JL Lewis) /81 ?
LP 1108 Short Stuff /76
LP 2208 Talk Is Cheap /81
Junior Brantley
Birdie 2909 You’re So Lucky/ JR. McKinley Smith
5555 Wise Up/Manic Recession #2 /84
Brantley’s “Talk Is Cheap” was also recorded by Johnny Winter.
See Junior & the Classics


Bruce Riddiough – gtr
John Eske – gtr
Mark Morgans – org/sx
Mike Plutka – bs
Rick Harris – dr

Mammoth 102 All You Need/Hold On To Friends early /71

Bruce Riddiough, who was also in Woodbine, later relocated to Los Angeles and worked with Rio Grande, opening for the Texas Tornados.

Ben Sidran
(8/14/43; Chicago)

Go Jazz

Jan Sikora

Page 308027 In Solidarity/Memories Of Poland

Sir Richard & the Knights
(Rice Lake)

Richard Linder – ld gtr
Brad Linder – rh gtr
Dale Schlapper – dr

American 5052 Never Happen That Way/Buzzy /74
Bright Star ? Never Happen That Way/Buzzy

(Chicago, IL – Boscobel)

Tom Jurkens – voc
Ed Mooney – gtr
Bill Kees – gtr
Dick Larson – org
Craig Takehara – bs
Steve Krater – dr
Lee Sims – perc

good LP (sic) 101 Sundance /71

6 Days – LP reissue Gearfab /71

Rhythm’s Children, of the Rogers Park area of Chicago, begat Mountain Bus, which begat Skyfarmer. Ed Mooney recalled picking the name: “One stoned night in late 1967, some of us were sitting around putting together weird combinations of nouns like Airplane Fat, Doorknob Lint, etc,” he said. “Eventually, we came up with Mountain Bus.”

Organist Larson left early in the going and the People’s Arts Corporation became associated with the group in 1969. Coincidentally, that was the year that Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi put the band Mountain together. While Mountain was playing the Woodstock Festival, Mountain Bus was practicing in a dungeon at 187 Wacker Drive. In 1970 People’s Arts decided to manufacture and sell record albums at a price that everyone could afford to pay. “good records” (sic) pressed 10,000 copies of Sundance and advertised in the Chicago Seed. New York Times rock critic Mike Jahn called Sundance “…an exquisite record…an LP worth going out of the way to find” and 3,500 were sold in short order.

The album jacket included the statement “Mountain Bus is in no way connected with the rock group ‘Mountain’,” but this apparently was not enough to satisfy Windfall, which managed Mountain. In November 1971 they sued People’s Arts Corp. and Mountain Bus for copyright infringement in connection with the use of the name Mountain. The irony is that, several months later, Mountain itself was disbanded as a group. The Bus, of course, was left in dismal shape financially, having to sell their equipment to help pay court costs. Kees, Takehari and Sims relocated to Wisconsin where they started Skyfarmer. One of their songs includes the line “I cannot stay here…I will not play here,” which pretty well sums up their bitter feelings toward the Mountain Bus experiences.

Lee Sims later drummed with Jim Schwall and the Cody Jarrett band. Tom Jurkens moved to Boulder, Colorado and sang with a blues band called Main Squeeze. Ed Mooney, Bill Kees and Craig Takehari reunited to form Kiddo, which included Dick Larson, the original Mountain Bus keyboard player. Mooney also owned Flatts ‘N Sharps Music Store and Round Records, where his business partner was Steve Krater.

Source: Mountain Bus Loses Uphill Struggle: Jeff Lind, June 1979

Rory Slick & the Roadmasters


Cinema 6913 Hey Jim/To The Woods (M.Eulberg) /71

This record shows Michael Kondos as executive producer, and it was probably done at the same time as the session for Wayne Roberts & the Committee. “Hey Jim” is a medley of “Purple Haze” & “Hey Joe” with lyrics about Jimi Hendrix.

No listings for M. Eulberg. 20 M. Eulberg’s listed in USA. Eulberg’s I’ve tried in WI have no knowledge of any M.

Phyllis Soh

Cuca 7012 ? /70
May be on Jack Tate’s Revolution label.

Sound Control

John Rogge – gtr
Mike Hutue – gtr
Mitch Pomplum – pno/org
Jerry Johns – bs
John Poeschl – dr (per Alan Ives)

Night Owl 1506 I’ll Be Back Again/When Will It End 5/70


W. Stanley
T. White

BCR 10203 For You/What Do I Do (What Do I Say) /70’s
Horn band.

Prob unrelated: Spectrum (Milwaukee) Danny Nelson – voc, Gerry Smith – gtr, Rick Reinders – gtr, Wayne Babich – bs, Lon Omitt – dr (also see Picture, Corporation) – no recording

$ound Investment

Dennis Bauer – ld gtr
John Karas – rh gtr
Raymond Grace – bs
Greg Wierech – dr
John Ruka – dr

Dave Kennedy ? Cheryle/My Baby’s Been Talkin’ /70

Only a very small quantity of this recording was pressed. The band broke up in 1973 and is apparently unrelated to a touring 70’s show group by the same name, also operating out of Milwaukee. That later band included drummer John Ruka and his wife Annette, and they subsequently changed their name to Unauthorized Personnel.

John Ruka, 62, took his own life at home Saturday, 9/15/07. He grew up in Bay View, began taking drum lessons when he was 12, went on to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts – an unusual degree for a percussion major. Married in 1972; wife Annette. Both quit their day jobs. “We were part of a rock show group – first the Sound Investment and then Unauthorized Personnel,” Annette Ruka said. “We were all over the country for five years.”

They returned to Milwaukee in 1978. Ruka opened his studio, which became known as the Drum Instructors’ Guild, or D.I.G. Milwaukee.Early on, he was a freelance percussionist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. He continued performing until the last few years, including as a pickup percussionist with groups appearing in Milwaukee and with the Bay View Players. Ruka helped organize a percussion contest first known as Thundering Drums, now Groovathon. He was the organizer of an annual drum clinic at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

“He would bring in some high-end performers like Ed Thigpen, who played with Ella Fitzgerald, and Carmine Appice, who was with Vanilla Fudge,” Dave Ruka said. “They all knew John and they all liked John.” Ruka also assisted area bands, including the Wauwatosa East and Wauwatosa West high school marching bands.

Jim Spencer & Sonrize / Son Rize

Jim Spencer – gtr (dec)
Sigmund Snopek – kb
Tom Ruppenthal – bs
Rob Fixmer – dr

Thoth 001 River Run/The One Who Cries /73
LP 1001 Landscapes /73
Akashic LP 1001 2nd Look /74
A Major Label 1000 Major Arcana (see Converts, Bloomsbury People) /76
CRS LP 101 Most Beautiful Song In The Forest
Earth 5008 Sonrize/Feeling
Zorokothora 1001 Electric Twist/Wine For The Party
Armada 101 The Blues Are Out To Get Me/Love Star /79
102 I’m Nowhere Whenever You’re Away/Wrap Myself Up In Your Love
1201 Wrap Myself Up In Your Love/Moonlight Serenade-Begin The Beguine (disco)
New World 0785 I’ll Miss You In The Morning (When You Go)/Take Her By The Hand /85

Thoth LP includes: Richard Thomas, Susan Thomas, Mike Balistierri, Mike Pageant, Ilze Platais, Kenny Knoll, Rob Fixmer, Gary Kemp, John Voyles, Jim Hall, Kent Carpentier, Alan Ek, Dave Braun, Magnetic Staircase, Major Arcana

Akashic LP includes: Sigmund Snopek, Jay Borkenhagen, Tom Ruppenthal, Rob Fixmer, Mike Pageant, Richard Thomas, Gary Kemp, John Nebi, Kent Carpentier, Alan Ek, Jim Gorton, Susan Thomas, Sue Francheschi

A Major Label LP includes: Randall Dubis, Mike Burdecki, Jim Kitchen, Barry Patton,Gary Kemp, Rob Fixmer, John Hauser.

Lee St. Louis

Wright 7241 Somebody Else Is Lucky Too/Your Night In Chicago 4/72
See Molly Faye

Ruby Starr


Step By Step

Jon (Johnnie) Gee (age 9)

Cuca 5060 She’s Gone/Time After Time /73
Brunswick LP (per Dante C)

Tom Stevenson & The Brothers & Sisters

Curtis 1025 Chicago I Will/Sweet Chariot

Stone Flour
(La Crosse)

Tom Franzini – gtr
Jimmy Smith – kb (also Unchained Mynds)
Dirk Weber – bs, (Caledonia, MN, see Molly Maguires)
Jeff Wallace – dr

Transaction 712 Till We Kissed/Help /71 or /72


Jeff Wallace said that Stone Flour’s version of “Help” was taken from a Guess Who LP.

Stoned Hinge

Brian Ray, 2514 Ravenswood Rd, Madison, 608-273-8619
Rick Roulfsmeier (NL)
Maynard McIntyre – ld gtr
Wayne Skau – rh gtr
Steve Shower – kb
Paul Accurso – bs
Gary Rowin – dr

Candid 2805 Janis/Violet Lady /72
prod: Tom Katz & Stoned Hinge
Gary Rowin – March 2013

I was the drummer and we did a re-union gig in 2002. A friend of ours worked for a cable TV station out of Janesville and taped the whole performance. We only had 7 hrs. of practice before we played and we hadn’t been together since 1976 and we didn’t know until the day we played that we were going to get filmed by this person, so it is what it is but fun.

We put out a 45 in 1973 on the Candid label and we were their number 1 all time sales of a 45 on their label. The Stoned Hinge Band was together from 1970 (I just got back from Viet Nam) booked under Bob Ballard (Speedy and the Alka-Seltzer’s) for the first 2 years and then started traveling to Florida in the winters and booked with Pyridine Production who Lobo booked under when we backed him up at the Char Bar in Jefferson. In 1975 we leased a bar in Jefferson called Shorecrest and during that year we backed up R.E.O. Speedwagon and Ruby Star. We broke up in 1976 after disco came in, just couldn’t take it for music, and all the better bars around Wisconsin were going to disc-jocks.

I stopped playing for a while and then did some Christian music and taught drums. Now I am back in Madison with an Original band called Joe Anderson Conflict. We took the winter off to record a CD. When it is done I will send you a copy if you would like, just send me your address. And what are you doing with yourself these days?

Sorry for the long response and there is a web page, just type in Stoned Hinge Band. The band I am in right now is on Facebook, type in Joe Anderson Conflict and it will come up.

Still drummin’,

Gary Rowin

I was aware of the Candid release and in my research I learned that it was 70’s, which left it out of my coverage (1950-69), but I’ve kept all such info in a WI 70’s file. The one guy whom I spoke with was Brian Ray, and I also had the name Rick Roulfsmeier. Then recently I saw some info on the band that didn’t include either of those names, but showed Maynard McIntyre – ld gtr, Wayne Skau – rh gtr, Steve Shower – kb, Paul Accurso – bs, and you on dr. What’s the scoop with those other names?

(My 1st road gig was at the Shuffle Inn in Madison in 1/62, while I was still underage).

Studebaker Brothers

Greg Kishline – kb/bs

Little Fort 010 Lie’n In The Grave/Party Through The Night /71

Greg Kishline had left the band before this release.

See Starboys: Greg Kishline

Studebaker “7”

Coulee 142 One Fine Day/Come Go With Me /72
Cook House 7325 Little Darlin’/In the Still of the Night /73?


(see First Family)


Night Owl 1591 Eat At Home/Rockin’ Roll Feelin’
American 5054 Going Back To California/Gimme Some Lovin’

Surf Boys
(Racine – per Tourville)

Solid Sound 001 Surfer Moon/Surf City


Bob Schmidtke – gtr
Paul Petzold – org
Scott Eakin – fl
Jeremy Wilson – bs
Rick Markstrom – dr

Age of Aquarius 1548 Bizzaro Ben/She Made Me That Way /71
1549 Funny Paper Sam/It’s High Time /71
LP Who Are These Guys /72
The Tayles originally included Ned Englehart, who left to be replaced by Petzold.

Robert Taylor & the HPJ’s

Robert Taylor – voc
Joe Sigh – gtr
Jimmy Parker – sx
Thomas Humphrey – bs
Paul Israel – dr

Soul Exciters:
Bobby Gates – gtr (dec ’96)
Gerald Wayne Nash – bs Thomas “Hump” Humphrey – bs
Paul Israel – dr Harvey Westmorland – dr
(other pieces in & out)

Sonic 121874 Race Track Blues/Let Me Love You /74
EP 33075 Memories Of Yesterday: Nellie Gray/Dock O’ Bay/Change Gonna Come/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Let Me Love You/What Is It /74
33075 Memories Of Yesterday/(same) /74
478486 A Change Gonna Come/Pickin’ Up Your Love (prob w/Soul Ex.) /76
P3KN-7422/52878 Time Waits For No One/It’s Got The Whole World Shakin’ 5/78
P3KN-7420 Good Times/God Bless Our Love (w/Soul Exciters)
Allteen 8624 Packing Up Your Love/So Much Love
See Otto & the

Susan & Richard Thomas

Blue Hour 1014 The Heart, The Desperado/A Thought /72
LP 1017 A Burst Of Life /73

Time Piece

Don Kaufman – ld gtr,
Chick Wagner – rh gtr
Fred Ferguson – bs
Don Baumann – dr

Great Northern 1001 Book Of Love/Can’t Be So Bad (Moby Grape) /74
Managed by Darrel Mand, who is still in contact w/Don Baumann, who has photos.


Doug Duncan – ld gtr (9/30/43; Lancaster)
Yvonne Duncan – rh gtr/bnjo/stl (10/4/50; Lancaster) 608-987-3576
Steve Moore – dr

Little Beaver ? Right Or Wrong/Is There Time (Dick Taylor, Lancaster) /70
These Tradewinds played locally on weekends, and once opened for Tex Ritter in Mineral Point. Doug Duncan did studio work in Nashville in 1974-75.


Bob Lamb – voc
Dave Ruka – voc Bob Krause
Mike White – gtr Mark Lillis (from Burlington Exp)
Dennis Newman – sx
Steve Schmidt – tp
Bruce Metrie – tp
Marty Liszewski – tbn
Mike Zemlicka – bs
Pat Topping – dr

Later relocated to W. Palm Beach, FL as Truc of America.

Zero 0021 There’s A Moon Out Tonight/Me, My Baby & My ’57 Chevy 1/74
United Artists 393 There’s A Moon Out Tonight/Me, My Baby & My ’57 Chevy 3/74
Real To Reel — Roll Them Bones/Guitar Jones
U.F.R. LP Out Of Control

Tschann & Burnham

Kerry Burnham – ld gtr
Doug Tschann – gtr
Keven Tschann – bs
Tim Burnham – dr

Coulee 139 Lord, Take Me Where I’m Going/Everything I Do /71
Doug Tschann was in the Crescendos, an unrecorded La Crosse band.

Tony Turner

Page 2001/02 Jane/Redeemed


Love USR-7318 Paradise Lost/Now That You’ve Gone /73 ?

All members were incarcerated at time of this recording. An engineer came out to the prison and recorded them. A-side is hard psychedelic funk; flip is group soul. By all accounts they apparently pressed only 25 copies of the 45. The engineer had a small pressing facility in his studio and hand cut 25 of these records with labels. (Per Dante C)

Valley Boys

Steve Feyereisen – accord
Dennis Thorsen – gtr
Dave Waughtal – tpt, tbn
Charlie Feyereisen – bs/tuba
Arlyn Benoy – dr

Audiotek CPO 167 The Valley Boys – Volume 1 /72
Artronics 7735 The Valley Boys – #2 /77
? 25 Years       /80
Cassette Live At The Majestic /86

After a tornado destroyed several local barns on May 24, 1958, the Valley Boys band played their first gig in a celebration of the rebuilding. That band consisted of Lynn Johnson (guitar), Steve Feyereisen (accordion) and Henry Marson (drums). The members changed several times throughout their 30 years. Line up shown is from their first two LP’s. Steve Feyereisen was the only original member who made it all 30 years from 1958 to 1988, Dennis Thorsen was with the band from 1960 to 1988

Valley Boys – by Dave Feyereisen.

Performed throughout Western WI & Eastern MN from 1958-88.
Steve Feyereisen – accord
Lynn Johnson – gtr, voc.
Henry Marson – dr
Dave Feyereisen – dr, joined in 1978:
Steve Feyereisen – accord, synth
Dennis Thorsen – gtr, voc
Dave Waughtal – tpt, tbn, voc
Charlie Feyereisen – tb, bs, voc
Steve Feyereisen still performs periodically (mainly care centers and special occasions).
Dennis Thorsen performs with a group called the “Hunyuks”.

Here’s some additional information about the Valley Boys, as written by good friend Dave Feyereisen.

The Valley Boys was a dance band who performed throughout Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota from 1958-1988. The band was started in 1958 by Dave’s dad, Steve Feyereisen (accordion); his cousin Henry Marson (drums), Lynn Johnson (guitar, vocals). Dave Feyereisen joined the group in 1978. At that point the other members of the band were: Steve Feyereisen
(accordion, synthesizer); Dennis Thorsen (guitar, lead vocals); Dave Waughtal (trumpet, trombone, vocals); Charlie Feyereisen (tuba, bass guitar, vocals).

Side note: Steve Feyereisen still performs periodically (mainly care centers and special occasions).

Dennis Thorsen performs with a group called the “Hunyuks” which also features Roberts, Wisconsin resident Bill Gnatzig  (vocals,guitar). They also call upon Wisconsin musician Roger Huetmaker on some dates, as well as Darlene and Kenny Nelson (vocals, guitar and fiddle)
Dave Feyereisen (drums) performs periodically as well.

A couple of years ago, Dave Feyereisen acquired old masters of some show in the 1970’s. It was a labor of love for Dave Feyereisen to actually bake these old tapes and acquire the vintage audio gear in which to play the various tape formats. I must say that it was quite impressive what Dave was able to achieve.

Paul Vernon

Love 821 Keeps My Mind A-Wonderin’/For Carol

Singer/guitarist Vernon began performing in 1973, and his release on Love was done in 1975 when he won a talent contest at Gritzmacher’s Alpine Inn in Wisconsin Rapids. Based in central Florida since 1980, Vernon was working as a single or duo in 2002.

Walt Hess (& the Rimshots)

Top Gun 1583 If Not For You, There’d Be No Me/Just Call Me Lonesome /72
Cuca 1598 Seeds Of Love/These Walls, These Curtains /72


Henry Rice – ld gtr (9/28/42; Kenosha)
Bob Lawler – rh gtr
Frank Pederson – bs (Waukegan)
Larry Threadgill – dr

Ex-Plo 009 In A Dream/Feel A Whole Lot Better /71
Frank Peterson carried on the name of this band for many years with various personnel changes. The Ex-Plo label was connected with the Al Schultz Agency in Waukegan.

Also see: Starfires (Henry Rice)

Unrelated Warlock(s): Ara, Decca, Mercury, Music Merchant, Washington Square

(PFC) Skip Wagner

Skip Wagner 811090 In the Army/Alfalfa Duck Hunter prob late 70’s
420 Alfalfa Duck Hunter/Rindercella
Page 2908 Too Much Saltpeter/Rindercella

Sue Wallenhorst & the Westerners
(Cuba City)

Sue Weiderholt Wallenhorst (dec 1987) – accord (6 yrs younger than Bill)
Bob O’Connell – ld gtr (dec)
Bill Weiderholt – rh gtr
Carl Metz – stl (Dubuque)

Top Gun 1572 How Can Anything So Right Be So Wrong/Over And Over Again /72
? ? Milk Bucket Boogie/
Originally called the Oak Ridge Rider, this band existed from 1954-71.

We Three

Fox River 959C-2729 What It’s Like To Be With You/The Song Is Love (ZK4M-2729/30) /70

Cathy Weidert

Fox River 2729 What It’s Like To Be With You/The Song Is Love (We Three) /70
Appleton 103 What It’s Like To Be With You/The Song Is Love (w:Mary Travers) /74

Ty West & the Jay Birds

Johnny Davis – ld gtr
Pete Sivertsen (12/15/40; Leona) – rh gtr,
(Joe Weid) – bs
Jimmy Wetzel – dr

KL 31 Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Hank Williams)/East of West Berlin (Stonewall Jackson) /72

? Just To Satisfy You (Bobby Bare)/East of West Berlin

Pete Sivertsen also worked with Danny Darren.

Western Gentlemen

Jim Delongchamp

Top Gun 1578 Muleskinner Blues/Occasional Wife /72

What’s New

American 1575 Buccaneer/Whenever She’s Alone

Mary White

Gibbs 011 Outside Love/Prisoner Of The Blues (Vapik pub) /71

White Duck


White Lie

Jaenecke brothers
Dan Dougherty

White Lie 11078 Cheap Love – Easy Money/Scott’s Boogie 1/78
Streetwise LP True Confessions /80
Velvet Sky 01 The Goddess (Gypsy) /87
02 Pipe Dreams (Scott Finch) 7/94
See Finch

Wild Weekend

Medallion 225 Turn Out The Light/Elaine /70’s


Bill Camplin
Bob Mueller
Bruce Ridioux
Ken Pfaff (d:3/07)

Blue Hour LP 1010 Roots 3/71
LP was recorded live at the Catacombs Coffee House on 31st & Wisconsin Ave.
See Bill Camplin

Frank Woehrle & the Drifters

Top Gun 1566 River Waters/Danny Boy /72
Also see: Linda Kilty

Wayne Worley

Royal American

Doug Wazniak with his Guests / Allen Douglas
(2/22/51; Wakefield, MI)

Coulee 101 Sing A Little Song Of Love/I Live For You 2/70
Tangent 103 Me, Myself/ I Met A Man Who Looked Like Me /70

Wozniak played guitar in high school bands from 1964-69 in the Eau Claire area, and was still entertaining in the early 00’s

Will Zeamer & the Northerly Winds

Wilford Zeamer – dr
Vicki Belleville – voc
Ken Olsen – gtr
Ted Erdman – pno
Jim Vollmer – ten sx
Donald Hale – tp
Ray Pfeiffer – tb
Rick Nelson – bs (later replaced by Zeamer’s son),

Target 2007 What’s The Game (You’re Playing With My Heart)/

Lenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore /72

Will Zeamer gigged on weekends for 10 years, and was still playing in 1998 (had serious surgery 6/98). He recorded at Cuca with Ron Harvey, and John Check & the Wisconsin Dutchmen. This release is described as MOR with a c&w flavor.


Joe Lukasey (ask Eric O)– kb
Jerry ? – gtr
Dale Sayotovich – sx
Tim Jacobs – tp
Chuck Loth (Impalas) – bs

Leon Klekowski
Pro-Gress 8940 A Better Way/That Kind Of Man /72
Also see: Coachmen

Will Zeamer & Northerly Winds

Tee Pee 2007 Lenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore/ What’s The Game (You’re Playing With My Heart)/72

Zig Zags

Curt Johnson – org (Up-Stairs)
Mickey Lynnes – dr (Thundermen)

Tangent 104 Show Me Your Hand6/Why Oh Why 9/70

Ziggy & the Zeu

Guy Vallarta – gtr
Doug White
Tom McCarty
Jeff Ross

Zeu 5011 Little Star7/Come Go With Me8 /70
5011 Sherry9/Da-Doo-Ron-Ron10 (w/Ena Anka) /70
Willow River Records 005   Tim Greaner
Hey Lady/Too Late To Turn Back
Willow River Records 008   Doug Effertz & Foxxfire
Lonely Women Make Good Lovers/The Last Letter
These were recorded at CGS Studios in New Richmond, WI, post 1969

Doug Duncan

Galaxie 32511/12   Minnesota Southbound Freeway (Richard Taylor)/Somebody Tell Sara Jane (Jim Owen)
Dunbar Music Inc. – BMI PRP – 32511
Div. of Trade Winds Inc., Box 63, Beetown, WI
printed in ink on the label: “Ted Rygh” – deceased fiddler from WI
Probably 70’s; writer, Owen, had success in the 70’s

Whiz Kid

Cyclomedia 61652
Play Dirty/Annie Annie     both by Jeff Janda
615 E. Michigan, rick joaukee 53202, Pub:  Janda Music/BMI, Prod:  Phil Bonano for GEMS
Probably later but I can’t tell and no date on record.  One side could be late 60s the other could be early 80s.
St. Croix Productions 7-7686   Country Mellow
Darling Lorraine (Edward Parenti)/You Are My Sunshine
Very generic label, says not for resale, could be 70s

Note: Gary E. Myers – The ones that are listed after that small “80s or later” section (“Harry Rees”, etc)  are just notes to myself in no particular order. I’m not sure that they’re helpful to anyone as such.

80’s or later

B.J & the Backside of Thirty (1981)

Bob Potter WI Dells 608-254-7916

John Gore

Jego 203 Poor Boy From Wisconsin/Diesel Drivin’ Mama /82 ?

w: John Gore – both, eng: Joe Delong, arr: Bobby Rodriguez, SSP-203, 208067 (5) QCA TD

Lee, Lori & Jaco 80’s

James Solberg 80’s?

Harry Rees & the Country Chords

834G-4125/26 Drums Of Tweedle-Dee/Galloping Fandango /70

Out of meter instrumentals, Malaguena, Tweedle-Dee

(Jim Oldsberg)


Wild Turkey Band

Sojourn ? Snowmobile Song/Long Way to Go

(Country rock/r’n’r, 3509 Dixon St, Stevens Point 54481. Wild Turkey Band, 622 Blackbird Ln, Stevens Point 54481; 341-5230, “looks post 60’s”)

Green Bay 1000

Mighty Rex Rexie Comeback

W: Laurel Brown

P: Frankie Francis


Point Special 21854  Daddy Whiskers      Wishin’/Goin’ Back To Shawano /73

Re-recorded and re-released “Goin’ Back To Shawano” on 2nd solo LP “Time Weary Traveler” – 2010.

Handicapped 26954

“Big Rick” Courtney McDaniel (The Old East Sider) His Trumpet And Boys And His Irishmen

Rock With My Dolly (Dance With My Dolly)/It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dream
Handicapped Records, 136 Ohio Avenue, Madison 53704

Per John R:

Label looks like 70s novelty, especially with the zip code but we know this could be late 60s and it sounds like 50s or 40s pop. The rock side puts it closer to a late 50s vibe.  The entire record is an old guy doing a ballad and a rock thing.  He must be a Madison institution.

Stan Beard w/the Swinging Strings

Souvenir 610   So Blue Without You/

Where The Old Turkey Gobbler Struts And Gobbles Around

Both sides by Wickens.  I know this is 70s

1 Beatles, 1964
2 Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield LP, 1967
3 Marvelows, 1965
4 Mongo Santamaria Band, 1963; w: Herbie Hancock
5 Ben E. King, 1963; Clarence Carter, 1967
6 White Plains, 1970 (flip side of “My Baby Loves Lovin’“)
7 Elegants, 1958
8 Dell-Vikings, 1957
9 Four Seasons, 1962
10 Crystals, 1963