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Liquor Tins – Jack Daniels

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  JACK DANIELS LIQUOR TINS Jack Daniel’s – American Made…… by  Jeannie Tucker (first published in the TIN FAX August 1994)     Before diving right into the history of Jack Daniel’s, I feel that a foreword is necessary. Usually Charlene (a TIN FAX contributor)goes to the public library and dives into the research material available. Then she or Icall the… Read more »

Liquor Tins

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  LIQUOR TINS & MORE Alphabetical Listing of Many, Many Tins to Collect Dear “Chip”, Hi. I came upon your site while seeking information on an item I recentlyobtained. I have a bottle of whiskey which is still encased in an attractivetin. There is a key mounted on the top of the 8 inch tin. The tin has anelliptical cross-section…. Read more »

Liquor Tins – Chivas Regal

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  CHIVAS REGAL LIQUOR TINS More Than a Liquor Tin by Kay Lewis (originally printed in the TIN FAX, August, 1994)     What do you see when you look at a liquor tin? These are some of my favorite tins because of the craftsmanship, the colors, the hinged lids, embossing, unusual shapes, and the elegance of gold and silver. But… Read more »