a country band – Menomonee Falls

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a country band

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 10, 2016

Updated 06/23/2016

Rian Sommerfield  – I believe it was 1972.
Dane Peterson, Brian Smith, Peter Alt, Paul Oswald, me, Dan Ackerman, and Kenny Chakitas (sp).

Mike Reilly: Dan or Rian – are the names above listed from left to right or are they left to right top row, then left to right front row?

Dan Burg: Dane Peterson – Far Left, Brian Smith – in back with Hat, Peter Alt – front-left, Paul Oswald – White T-Shirt Back Row, Rian Sommerfield – Front Row next to Pete, Dan Ackerman – back behind Rian, Ken Chekitis – Far Right. June 11, 2016

Rick Hendrickson: Pete Alt was in “a country band” that played mostly at Al Voights on Water St. Dane Petersen, Kenny Checitus also played.