American Express Band aka Express from Menomonee Falls

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American Express Band aka Express from Menomonee Falls

American Express aka Express

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 19, 2016

Updated 06/20/2016

5/26, 10:43am Steve L Daigle: In my Sophomore year I joined the“Sounds Of Society” with Larry Jones, Vocals and Bass, and Rocky Dunst, Keyboards, who were two years older than me. That band changed into“The Kyds” from 68 to 70, with Michael W. White, Guitar and vocals, from Brown Deer We recorded two records in 69. Larry and Rocky left to do other things. Michael and I took the band, changed the name to the “American Express”, with Charlie Radtke, Wauwatosa, Lead Vocals and Keyboard and Ed Jakober on Bass. Charlie still plays in Milwaukee as does Michael. Ed became a Film Director of Photography. Michael W. White has had a terrific career playing music in Nashville and Milwaukee and has recorded many records over the years.

June 15, 2016, Mike Reilly: Gary did not have it in his book that The Kyds formed from the Sounds of Society.

Steve L Daigle:  Really, I don’t remember exactly. We recorded the 45 as The Kyds but released it as the American Express. I’ll message you more information Mike.


Steve Daigle, June 20, 2016 – These were copied some years ago. I have the original poster for the Battle of the Bands in my hand. It took place on May 15, 1966. The Rock bands ended the show. This was an all day event with High School bands, directed by Janet DePons. Accordian bands, directed by Nan Lenz, Piano Students of Marion Strowig, on and on.