Batter up at Monches

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Batter up at Monches

by Fr. Lincoln F. Whelan

transcribed by Michael R. Reilly, July 24, 2017

A conjunction of the baseball stars (and lesser satellites) made 1972 a real diamond jubilee for the old ball game at Monches. Their championship in the Land O’ Lakes league was the frosting and foam on the celebration cake and fixings. Here the sport has always been simon pure and played by country lads who loved that game. A tenth inning at the local saloon could also be a bit strenuous and strung out.

In the very early days the game was a spur of the moment affair or the result of a Saturday might challenge. Equipment was scarce and beaten up by use. Yet to come were the luxury days when a ball is tossed out of the game because of an imaginary spot on the horsehide. This big league stuff is a long throw from right field back to the old days when one battered baseball was served up for nine innings. When a four ball arched into the cornfield a bunch of small boys searched until the errant ball was found. Meanwhile the old gaffers paused in their palaver about their heyday to point out the exact spot where the lost ball could be found (generally their directions were a long rod from reality).