Don Wiggins – singer, guitar, mouth harp, etc.

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Don Wiggins – singer, guitar, mouth harp, etc.

Oj Mcnally March 28, 2014

        It breaks my heart, but I have to inform you that

Reckless Abandon

    1. is no more. So here goes nothing,when we were young and stupid the four of us met, you three (no so) intimidating boys and I were thrown into a room together. We had some pretty good times, weather it was during a show or not, it didn’t really matter, because we wrote music, and we played music. We have

Don Wiggins to thank for that. He has rightfully been named the father of the band. In the past year …we recorded with Chris Wisco, and spent a lot of time sitting on his couch eating junk food, making anti jokes, and bonding. (thanks for putting up with us Chris!) id also like to give a huge shout out to the grossinator for making the boys laugh as hard as they did.  I feel like we have a bond that wont break for years to come…we spent too much time together for it not to. Im so proud of you Charlie and Mitch for getting into their colleges of choice, you deserve everything they have to offer you.