Families and Individuals – Town of Lisbon

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    Township of Lisbon (including Sussex and Templeton: 

Notable Families and Individuals

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 03/03/2005

    Entries are in Surname alphabetical order; updatesto the chart, with other information will be added as it is received. Pleasesend additions and corrections to the Editor (see bottom of page for contactinformation).


Name Birthdate Birth location Emigration date Emigration cmt/loc Death date Marriage dateSpouse

? HOWITT, Jennett

?, Alis TOWERS, James

?, Catherine Ross CAMPBELL, Donald

?, Elizabeth MACDONALD, William

?, Lavina WINN, George

?, Lulla Belle RUSSELL, ?

?, Sophia COUNSEL, John


BARTLETT, Adeline WEAVER, Martin

BISSELL, Phineas

BONHAM, Robert ELLIOTT, Harriet

BOOTH, Robert BUTLER, Marian

BOOTS, Edward SMITH, Eleanor

BOOTS, Sarah August 16, 1843 Peasmarsch, Sussex, England January 08, 1934November 01, 1861 ELLIOTT, James Anderson

BUTLER, Agnes Unknown MCINTYRE, Robert

BUTLER, Andrew Unknown

BUTLER, Clarence Abt. 1903

BUTLER, Elizabeth HOWARD, George A.

BUTLER, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Unknown HOWARD, George

BUTLER, Georgina Unknown

BUTLER, Harriet “Hattie” Unknown CRAVEN, George

BUTLER, James Unknown

BUTLER, James II Unknown

BUTLER, Jane Unknown RUSSELL, William

BUTLER, John Unknown

BUTLER, John II Unknown RUSSELL, Melinda

BUTLER, Margaret “Maggie” Unknown JEFFERY, Albert

BUTLER, Marian Unknown BOOTH, Robert

BUTLER, Martha Unknown

BUTLER, Robert Unknown

BUTLER, Sarah Unknown RUSSELL, George

BUTLER, Thomas Unknown

BUTLER, William I Abt. 1794 Yorkshire, England May 01, 1844 Sailed to fromLiverpool, England to New York aboard the “Black Ball”, arriving May31. Continued on to Wisconsin by Erie Canal and Great Lakes to Milkwaukee,arriving on June 20, 1844. 1856 SARAH

BUTLER, William, Jr. Unknown RUSSELL, Ellen

BUTLER, William, Sr. July 02, 1826 Yorkshire, England DAVIDSON, Agnes





CAMPBELL, Donald 1800 Rosshire, Scotland 1875 ?, Catherine Ross

CAMPBELL, Donald Ross June 02, 1859 Port Washington, Ozaukee, WisconsinSeptember 18, 1925 January 22, 1884 SIMMONS, Ella

CAMPBELL, Hugh D. December 29, 1895 May 08, 1930

CAMPBELL, Jean Louise Aft. 1885

CAMPBELL, Mildred Ella Aft. 1885

CAMPBELL, Thomas November 17, 1829 August 04, 1854 From the port of Greenlock,(?) onboard the sailing ship Hinford of Glasglow October 06, 1899 June 13, 1856WINN, Louisa

CAMPBELL, Winifred Zoe Abt. 1884 Based on age 29 at death. 1913


CATT, Mary England FIELDER, John

CORA Abt. January 23, 1951 WEAVER, Elmer

COUNSEL, John ?, Sophia

COUNSEL, Joseph June 02, 1862 SMALL, Isabelle

CRAVEN, Elizabeth “Betty” September 16, 1826 Yorkshire, EnglandApril 08, 1847 WEAVER, Thomas

CRAVEN, George BUTLER, Harriet “Hattie”


CRAVEN, Margaret “Maggie” Abt. 1895 WEAVER, George L.

CRAVEN, Mary WEAVER, William, Jr.


CURRY, Eliza HOWARD, Charles

DAVIDSON, ? Abt. 1844

DAVIDSON, Agnes November 12, 1825 Linlithgow, Scotland BUTLER, William, Sr.

DAVIDSON, Andrew, Jr. 1845 1917 Abt. 1865 STONE, Eliza Ann

DAVIDSON, Andrew, Sr. 1822 Scotland 1904 Abt. 1843 GREY, Margaret

DAVIDSON, Bertzel Unknown


DAVIS, Mary Ann 1837 1890 WEAVER, Fredrick Smith

DUMPLETON, Ann 1784 Hornsey, England 1845 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County,Wisconsin, USA December 19, 1862 HOWARD, Charles, Sr.



ELLIOTT, Caroline August 19, 1820 Peasmarsch, England August 10, 1837

ELLIOTT, Frank Abt. 1864

ELLIOTT, George October 07, 1793 Beckley, Sussex, England 1830 Arrived NewYork May 1, 1830. Aft. 1855 Aft. 1804 WEAVER?, Sharlott

ELLIOTT, George Edward Michigan November 21, 1865 Sack Bay, Michigan October09, 1954 1905 MINDEMANN, Minnie

ELLIOTT, George II February 26, 1892 October 10, 1854 WEAVER, Susanna

ELLIOTT, Gertrude “Gertie”

ELLIOTT, Harriet 1832 1918 BONHAM, Robert

ELLIOTT, James Anderson 1835 Augusta, Oneida, New York October 26, 1914November 01, 1861 BOOTS, Sarah

ELLIOTT, Mary 1833 Unknown

ELLIOTT, Randolph Abt. 1864


FIELDER, Elizabeth May 20, 1802 Sussex, England March 17, 1867 January 30,1821 WEAVER, James

FIELDER, John England CATT, Mary

FROST, Robert WEAVER, Emily

GODFREY, Sarah 1776 Westwell, Kent, England Abt. 1853 Came at age 77 (FredKeller article Sussex Sun 3-20-2001) November 19, 1860 Unknown RUSSELL, Richard

GREY, Margaret 1825 Scotland 1897 Abt. 1843 DAVIDSON, Andrew, Sr.



HASKINS, William Early county settlers, live in Pewaukee c 1881. SARAH


HOWARD, Charles December 05, 1836 December 21, 1924 CURRY, Eliza

HOWARD, Charles, Jr. December 08, 1810 Hornsey, England 1844 With wifeHarriet and four children from 1st marriage left Liverpool, England aboard the”Montezuma”, arriving New York later that year. Via the Erie Canal andGreat lakes, came to Milwaukee. April 06, 1873 April 15, 1844 STEVENS, HarrietA.


HOWARD, Ellen May 09, 1842 October 08, 1932 HEMPHILL, Matthew

HOWARD, George BUTLER, Elizabeth “Lizzie”

HOWARD, George A. August 16, 1851 December 24, 1920 BUTLER, Elizabeth

HOWARD, Harriet Archer 1845 1922 WEAVER, Edward James

HOWARD, Harriet Archer 1845 1922 WEAVER, Stephen

HOWARD, Harriet Archer May 25, 1845 WEAVER, Stephen

HOWARD, Henry June 21, 1840 July 28, 1924 RANKIN, Mary Jane

HOWARD, John January 26, 1835 January 09, 1863

HOWARD, Robert August 23, 1859 October 28, 1908 WEAVER, Lucille”Lucy”

HOWARD, Russell Unknown

HOWARD, Ruth Archer October 02, 1848 March 04, 1922 November 10, 1870 WEAVER,Richmond T.

HOWARD, Sarah “Sally” Archer August 27, 1847 February 20, 1931December 19, 1866 WEAVER, Alfred S.

HOWARD, William Franklin June 25, 1854 May 28, 1897 TEMPERO, Anges

HOWITT, ? Abt. January 1862

HOWITT, Agnes Nancy 1816 1876 November 25, 1841 TEMPLETON, Andrew

HOWITT, Andrew 1791 1856 Brought wife and remaining family to Town of Lisbon.January 07, 1867 1815 MCKERROW, Agnes

HOWITT, Andrew, Jr. 1832 February 23, 1862

HOWITT, Elizabeth 1826 Ayshire, Scotland 1904 Abt. 1850 MCKERROW, Gavin

HOWITT, George I Abt. 1820 Ayshire, Scotland Aft. 1834

HOWITT, George II 1836 1863

HOWITT, James 1823 1859 Left for Missouri with wife. 1899 December 25, 1851WEAVER, Elizabeth Ann

HOWITT, Jane 1818 Ayshire, Scotland 1876

HOWITT, Jennett 1830 1890 ?

HOWITT, John 1843 New York 1923

HOWITT, Mary December 25, 1851 WEAVER, William F. II

HOWITT, Mary 1828 Ayshire, Scotland 1874 WEAVER, William II

HOWITT, Matthew Bet. 1837 – 1838 1914 SMALL, Mary Jane

JEFFERY, Albert BUTLER, Margaret “Maggie”

JEFFERY, Ethel Unknown

JEFFERY, Mildred Unknown


LEWIS, Hannah Oneida Co., New York WEAVER, William, Jr.

MACDONALD, Lillian “Lilly”

MACDONALD, Robert “Gylie”

MACDONALD, William ?, Elizabeth



MARSDEN, Joseph February 1893 MOYES, Eva

MARSHALL, Margaret October 23, 1819 Fifeshire, Scotland August 17, 1900SMALL, William

MARY WEAVER, William, Sr.

MAXON, Elizabeth Delaware Co., New York December 1832 Abt. 1830 WEAVER,Stephen

MAXON, Phoebe WEAVER, Stephen

MCCARTNEY, Martha 1901 MCGILL, William D.

MCGILL, Charles A., Jr. Abt. 1903 1968

MCGILL, Charles A., Sr. 1818 Wigtownshire, Scotland 1844 came directly to theWisconsin Territory. September 02, 1864 July 22, 1850 MCGREGOR, Elizabeth

MCGILL, Elizabeth “Lizzie” 1854 1862

MCGILL, Mary 1851 1862


MCGILL, William D. 1857 1934 1901 MCCARTNEY, Martha

MCGREGOR, Elizabeth 1818 Wigtownshire, Scotland Abt. 1847 came to New York onthe sailing ship “Siddons” with her sister Jane out of Liverpool, a 6week two day voyage. April 25, 1879 July 22, 1850 MCGILL, Charles A., Sr.


MCKERROW, Agnes 1798 Ayshire, Scotland September 18, 1867 1815 HOWITT, Andrew

MCKERROW, Gavin 1851 Bought 80 acres at present intersection of Lisbon andLynndale Rds. Abt. October 1852 Abt. 1850 HOWITT, Elizabeth

MCKERROW, George September 08, 1893

MCKERROW, George, Sr. April 01, 1852

MINDEMANN, Minnie 1905 1905 ELLIOTT, George Edward Michigan

MOYES, Alice 1863 April 05, 1892

MOYES, Eva 1869 February 1893 MARSDEN, Joseph

MOYES, James May 21, 1837 Perthshire, Scotland July 28, 1913 August 28, 1862WEAVER, Mary Sophia

MOYES, John Abt. 1810 1841 Left from Glasglow, Scotland, taking 53 days toreach New York, from there the family of 7 went Buffalo, NY, then onto Hamilton,Canada. 1852 RODGERS, Elizabeth

PITTARD, Joseph 1811 England 1845 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin,USA December 16, 1888 Aft. 1850 SOPHIA

PRATT, Lucinda M. WEAVER, James B.


RANKIN, Mary Jane HOWARD, Henry

RODGER, Catherine WATSON, Andrew

RODGER, Mary E., Sr. February 16, 1832 December 15, 1853 WATSON, John A., Sr.

RODGERS, Archibald Abt. 1850 HOWITT, Agnes Nancy

RODGERS, Elizabeth MOYES, John

RODGERS, Isabelle Abt. 1800 Perthshire, Scotland 1886 SMALL, John

RODGERS, Robert Scotland March 09, 1854 SMALL, Christiana

ROLFE, Hannah July 09, 1814 England January 22, 1892 Abt. 1841 RUSSELL, John

ROSIER, Burnett Unknown

ROSIER, Levi Unknown

ROSIER, Lillian “Lilly” Unknown

ROSIER, Mary Unknown

ROSIER, Nina Unknown

ROSIER, Pansy Unknown

ROSIER, Preston November 17, 1884 WEAVER, Rose Elva

ROSIER, Rhodeles DAVIDSON, Andrew, Jr.

ROSIER, Ruth Unknown

ROSIER, Sylvester Unknown

RUSSELL, ? ?, Lulla Belle

RUSSELL, ? Unknown

RUSSELL, ? Unknown Canada

RUSSELL, ? Unknown Bef. 1865

RUSSELL, Charles 1849

RUSSELL, Ellen BUTLER, William, Jr.


RUSSELL, James March 1851


RUSSELL, John August 12, 1808 Westwell, Kent, England July 1850 New YorkJanuary 06, 1883 Abt. 1841 ROLFE, Hannah


RUSSELL, Richard 1774 Westwell, Kent, England 1845 Unknown GODFREY, Sarah



RUSSELL, William Edward 1950

SARAH 1881 BUTLER, William I


SIMMONS, Ella December 28, 1933 January 22, 1884 CAMPBELL, Donald Ross


SIMPSON, William 1860 HOWITT, Elizabeth

SMALL, Cathrine Aft. 1841 March 31, 1863 TOWERS, Richard

SMALL, Christiana Bef. 1841 Perthshire, Scotland March 09, 1854 RODGERS,Robert

SMALL, Elizabeth August 16, 1828 Perthshire, Scotland 1906 May 04, 1848WAITE, Russell

SMALL, Isabelle Bef. 1841 June 02, 1862 COUNSEL, Joseph

SMALL, Jeanette 1826 Perthshire, Scotland 1917 April 28, 1849 SMITH, Isaac B.

SMALL, John 1799 Perthshire, Scotland 1841 On the ship “Peruvian”,making their way to Buffalo, NY. November 29, 1873 RODGERS, Isabelle

SMALL, John R. 1859

SMALL, Mary Jane 1845 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin HOWITT,Matthew

SMALL, William October 05, 1824 Perthshire, Scotland Bet. 1841 – June 1842Arrived in Buffalo, NY; stayed and worked until approx June 1842, then off tojoin family in Town of Lisbon (Milwaukee County). MARSHALL, Margaret

SMITH, Edward 1837 came to Waukesha Co., Wisconsin WEAVER, Mary J. M.

SMITH, Eleanor BOOTS, Edward

SMITH, Isaac B. December 25, 1822 Bradwell, Oxfordshire, England November 22,1900 April 28, 1849 SMALL, Jeanette

SMITH, Jane J. M. April 14, 1835 Oneida Co., New York July 02, 1863 WEAVER,Allison (Alson) M.

SOPHIA 1813 England January 29, 1894 RUSSELL, William


STEVENS, Harriet A. April 15, 1844 HOWARD, Charles, Jr.

STONE, Eliza Ann Abt. 1865 Abt. 1865 DAVIDSON, Andrew, Jr.

STONE, Rhoda November 22, 1848 WEAVER, Richard

TANSIT, Lucy December 25, 1796 Kent County, England Aft. 1855 Aft. May 16,1822 ELLIOTT, George

TEMPERO, Anges HOWARD, William Franklin



TEMPLETON, Andrew 1842 With wife left New York State for Town of Lisbon viathe Erie Canal and the Great Lakes. January 08, 1846 November 25, 1841 HOWITT,Agnes Nancy

TOPPING, D. P. 1842 Sloansville, N.Y. WEAVER, Serena J.

TOPPING, George 1855 Went to Sauk County, Wisconsin, then moved to ColumbiaCo. MARIA

TOPPING, May Unknown

TOPPING, Nellie R. Unknown

TOWERS, James ?, Alis

TOWERS, Richard England March 31, 1863 SMALL, Cathrine

VICK, Hattie Abt. 1872 March 15, 1953 September 28, 1910 ELLIOTT, GeorgeEdward Michigan

WAITE, Russell May 04, 1818 Cortland Co., NY 1891 May 04, 1848 SMALL,Elizabeth

WATSON, Andrew Abt. 1796 Perthshire, Scotland April 07, 1835 RODGER,Catherine

WATSON, Andrew G. Unknown

WATSON, Catherine “Katie” E. Unknown

WATSON, Gibert Unknown

WATSON, James R. Unknown

WATSON, John A., Jr. Unknown

WATSON, John A., Sr. December 19, 1827 Bet. May 12 – July 04, 1841 He andbrother Gilbert embarked from Dundee, Scotland on the sailing ship”Peruvian”, took 9 weeks to arrive at New York. December 30, 1916December 15, 1853 RODGER, Mary E., Sr.

WATSON, Mary E. Roger, Jr. Unknown WILL, Charles

WATSON, Robert Unknown Bef. 1880

WEAVER, ? Unknown

WEAVER, Ada R. Unknown TEMPERO, Charles

WEAVER, Agnes P. M. September 10, 1876

WEAVER, Alfred S. July 24, 1839 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin,USA 1924 December 19, 1866 HOWARD, Sarah “Sally” Archer

WEAVER, Alfred S. Unknown

WEAVER, Allison (Alson) M. August 05, 1838 Oneida Co., New York July 02, 1863SMITH, Jane J. M.

WEAVER, Caroline Lucille November 30, 1834 1920

WEAVER, Charles J. Unknown

WEAVER, Edward James HOWARD, Harriet Archer

WEAVER, Edward James July 11, 1836 Oneida County, New York HOWARD, HarrietArcher

WEAVER, Elizabeth “Betty” A. Unknown

WEAVER, Elizabeth Ann December 27, 1831 December 25, 1851 HOWITT, James


WEAVER, Elmer W. Unknown

WEAVER, Emily May 11, 1841 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA1896 FROST, Robert

WEAVER, Ernest G. Unknown

WEAVER, Eunice Unknown

WEAVER, Eva Unknown

WEAVER, Fredrick Smith 1837 1917 DAVIS, Mary Ann

WEAVER, George A. T. September 06, 1872

WEAVER, George H. Unknown

WEAVER, George H. Unknown

WEAVER, George L. Abt. 1873 Sussex, Lisbon Township, Waukesha County,Wisconsin February 25, 1897 CRAVEN, Margaret “Maggie”

WEAVER, Harcourt S. Unknown

WEAVER, Harriet E. Unknown


WEAVER, James 1800 County Kent, England April 17, 1830 With wife and sixchildren left Rye, England on brig “Emma”, after 6 weeks arrived NewYork October 08, 1886 January 30, 1821 FIELDER, Elizabeth

WEAVER, James March 30, 1821 March 14, 1835

WEAVER, James “Jim”

WEAVER, James B. Unknown Chenango Co., New York PRATT, Lucinda M.

WEAVER, James T. 1851 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USAHASKINS, Jane

WEAVER, Jane August 14, 1829 December 13, 1844

WEAVER, Jane Unknown

WEAVER, Jane E. Unknown

WEAVER, Jane J. M. July 26, 1866

WEAVER, Jeannette Unknown

WEAVER, John March 30, 1833 Oneida County, New York

WEAVER, John F. Unknown

WEAVER, Julia E. Unknown

WEAVER, Leslie A. Unknown

WEAVER, Lucille “Lucy” HOWARD, Robert

WEAVER, Lucille “Lucy” Unknown

WEAVER, Lydia July 30, 1842 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA1896 RUSSELL, John

WEAVER, Mabel Unknown

WEAVER, Margaret “Maggie” Unknown

WEAVER, Martha J. Unknown

WEAVER, Martin Unknown Chenango Co., New York BARTLETT, Adeline

WEAVER, Mary February 05, 1826 1912 CRAVEN, James

WEAVER, Mary Unknown

WEAVER, Mary Unknown

WEAVER, Mary J. M. SMITH, Edward

WEAVER, Mary Sophia Abt. 1841 Chenango Co., New York March 04, 1896 August28, 1862 MOYES, James

WEAVER, Melinda 1813 First female settler Town of Lisbon. 1886

WEAVER, Richard August 25, 1827 Sussex Co., England 1830 crossed Atlantic,lived in Oneida Co., N.Y. until 1837. 1906 November 22, 1848 STONE, Rhoda

WEAVER, Richmond T. November 24, 1845 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County,Wisconsin, USA 1911 November 10, 1870 HOWARD, Ruth Archer

WEAVER, Robert Unknown

WEAVER, Rose Elva Unknown November 17, 1884 ROSIER, Preston

WEAVER, Ruth November 24, 1837 July 28, 1838

WEAVER, Ruth S. Unknown

WEAVER, Serena J. Unknown TOPPING, D. P.

WEAVER, Sophia M. October 16, 1868

WEAVER, Stephen HOWARD, Harriet Archer

WEAVER, Stephen June 25, 1810 Sussex Co. , England 1830 Oneida Co., NY, thento Kingsbury, Broome Co., NY. MAXON, Phoebe

WEAVER, Stephen September 28, 1843 December 02, 1869 HOWARD, Harriet Archer

WEAVER, Susanna October 10, 1854 ELLIOTT, George II

WEAVER, Thomas October 01, 1822 Peasmarsh, County Kent, England 1885 April08, 1847 CRAVEN, Elizabeth “Betty”


WEAVER, William F. II October 03, 1824 1900 December 25, 1851 HOWITT, Mary


WEAVER, William L. Unknown

WEAVER, William, Jr. May 08, 1827 Sussex Co., England CRAVEN, Mary

WEAVER, William, Sr. 1802 1830 Oneida Co., New York 1896 MARY

WEAVER?, Sharlott March 16, 1822 Aft. 1804 ELLIOTT, George

WILL, Charles September 06, 1866 Town of Lisbon, Waukesha, Wisconsin May 04,1957 WATSON, Mary E. Roger, Jr.

WILL, James

WILSON, Ellen Abt. 1834 HOWARD, Charles, Jr.

WINN, George ?, Lavina

WINN, Louisa Lockport, NY November 14, 1905 June 13, 1856 CAMPBELL, Thomas

FOSTER, Edward, a prominent citizen of Waukesha, is the son of John H.Foster, who was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1821, and was married toElizabeth W. Harwood in 1844. That same year they came to Wisconsin, and locatedin Lisbon, Waukesha county, and Mr. Foster engagedin farming and merchandising. In September, 1859, he removed to Brandon, wherehe engaged in business as a merchant and grain dealer, continuing it until 1867,when, on account of ill-health, he retired from business, and look up hisresidence in Waukesha, but died the following year. In this family there werethree sons and two daughters, as follows: F. R. Foster, banker at Brandon,Wisconsin; T. N. Foster, of the firm of Foster, Paul & Co., importers andmanufacturers of kid gloves, New York City;  Mrs. L. Ferguson, wife of Col.L. Ferguson, merchant of Brandon; Mrs. Eliza J. Hadfield, deceased, and EdwardFoster, the subject of this sketch, who was born in the town of Lisbon,Waukesha county, January 13th, 1851. Removing with his parents to Brandon, hereceived a high school education, and in 1867 engaged in farming in Waukesha,and followed it until 1875, when he entered the drug business, carrying that onuntil 1883, since which time he has been interested in the wool trade, havingduring 1896 handled about a quarter of a million pounds. He is also largelyinterested in real estate in Waukesha, residing on the Broadway farm, containing350 acres, a portion of which is inside the city limits. He also has otherholdings of real estate within the bounds of the corporation.

Mr. Foster, politically, is a strong Republican, having casthis first ballot for Gen. Grant for president, and his latest one for McKinley.He has not aspired to political honors for himself, and has never held an officeof profit. He holds, however, the honorary position of chairman of theRepublican county committee, is a member of the board of aldermen of the cityand director of the town fire insurance company. He was also president of theWaukesha County Agricultural society in 1896, was its treasurer for five yearsand has taken an active interest in all of its proceedings.

Mr. Foster was married January 14th, 1878, to Mary E. Porter,daughter of the late Edward Porter, an old and respected citizen of Waukesha.They have had two children born to them–a son and a daughter–E. Porter Foster,deceased, and Bessie M., born June 13th, 1890, is still the light of their home.
Source: Wisconsin Men of Prominence.