Kenny Hottenroth and His Orchestra

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Kim ChristophersonMike ReillyJune 28 at 11:33pmBetty L HottenrothJim Hottenroth that you are looking for Historical information related to musical talent resulting from John Sutte’s music lab at Hamilton High school. I was a 1979 graduate of Hamilton, I took Sutte’s classes for three of the four years in H.S. Myself and Don Cornell were two chosen Seniors in 1979 to produce and perform our own musical show/concert completely of our own… making. Two separate shows. We were allowed to pick our own choices of songs, our stage lighting and back drops, the people who we wanted to perform with us. From start to finish we were in charge of our own production. My show occurred on May 24, 1979, Don’s was on the 30th. I still have the original crude concert announcements from both of our shows. My show included the musical talent of Sally Wallace, Debbie Kanapka, Sarah Mooney, and Chris ?, (Don’t remember her last name). I played guitar, piano and vocals, Sally, Debbie, & Chris played guitar and vocals, Sarah was vocals. I have several pictures of my show, and pictures of Other events kids were involved in, and two of John Sutte. One outing in particular I remember was taking a bus to Maple Ave. School and performing for students. Debbie Kanapka, Sally Wallace and I performed there and at many times in Sutte’s music lab. The song I remember vividly performing at the grade school was Puff the Magic Dragon. We did some great harmonies together back then. We had an article and our picture in the Sussex Sun which I wish I would have kept. We performed a variety of folk songs, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Stones, and several other artists of the time.
I am sure I can dig up some memorable items for you if you’re interested. I do also have an old 45 in storage of I believe George Pievich from Hamilton. I believe the song is “Strange Like Me”, but I’ll have to get back to you on that once I find it.