Lannon Dewdrops, Raindrops, Puddles Little League

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Lannon Dewdrops, Raindrops, and PuddlesBaseball Leagues

Curt Wieden: Here’s a #TBT for you. 1977 Lannon Little League Champs. Well, pretty sure it was 1977. Can’t remember what level this was, Raindrops, Dewdrops, whatever, but we were all around 12-14 at the time. I can’t remember everyone, and not sure if I’m right on everyone else, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Front Row: Mr. Wells, Rich Hoover, David Wells, Donny Patterson, Dale Wnuk, Nick Nellis, ?, Todd Sherbinow, Mr. Nellis, don’t know who’s kneeling.

Back Row: Dave Heinemeyer, Bill Lee, ?, Ernewein?, Curt Wieden, Mark Ernewein, Brian Foy, ?, Sean Tula, Mr. Patterson.

Bill Johnson The kneeling guy is Wally Loeffelad I believeBill Johnson I believe the guy next to Bill is Doug DubnickaNick Nellis Andy Nelson I believe right before you Curt..? Is Pat Tjugum between Brian Foy and Sean Tula??Bill Johnson I love that old fence with all the ads

  • Curt Wieden I remember searching for beer cans behind that fence when collecting them was the rage. Seems like the concession stand just dumped their garbage over the fence for years.

Bill Johnson That is TjugieNick Nellis The only player I am miffed on is the one between Todd and I . Did photo bombing start over 40 years ago:) Did Richie Scheiber play on our team?Rich Hoover yep Dubnicka and Pat. Isn’t that Wally Lefolad kneeling in front row I know Stuart Fiet played with us for one year. Is that him behind Nick?John Koch I was on a later Lannon Puddles team. Sean Tula & I were the bench warmers!Rich Hoover No that’s not Stuart Fiet. that is Ernewein. The guy behind Dubnicka is Mike ? Remember he was a tall Left hander He played right field. He would throw the ball home during warm ups from right field and it would curve about 10 feet by the time I would catch itBill Johnson That may be Richard Schreiber Jr.Rich Hoover I should probably read all the comments before I comment
Nick i believe you’re right his last name is Nelson but I think it was mike Nelson.
I recall he had a good left-handed stick