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Redford Family Index to Images, Photographs, and Articles

see also Thomas Spencer Redford Family and”Redford Pioneers” and

Hodgson / Redford Family Images

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Last Revised 03/21/2015

Thomas Spencer Redford taken c.1875-80Pencil sketch by Clara B. Barber (she died April 8, 1909)TSR with 3rd wife, Abigail Newell, about 1870 (Note: another same photo suggests taken about 1885)TSR with daughter Maplet about 1880.Maplet Redford (Trakel) b. 1875, March 1, m. 1905, Aug. 9, d. 1964, Nov., 16.

Above left – TSR home at Silver spring Rd. and Town Line Rd., Town of Lisbon, taken about 1890.

2nd from left – Maplet’s mother Abigail, then Maplet, and Thomas S. Redford taken about 1895. His dog Trixie on his lap.

3rd photo– daughter Nell and father Henry Redford in back row; frt row – niece Maplet, daughters Annice/Annis and Sarah Redford. Taken circa 1895-1900.

4th from left – Invitation to Henry Redford’s daughter Nellie to Crossman, December 15, 1896.

Above  far right – Thomas Redford w/wife Abigail, Ira Redford w/wife (nee Catherine Ross) about 1890.

Above left – Arthur Redford, b. 23 Dec., 1793 Genesee Co., N.Y.; m. 1814, Genesee Co., N.Y.; d. 7 Sept., 1877, Green Co., Wis. at home of his daughter – Jane Weaver. Came to town of Menomonee, Waukesha Co. in the fall of 1836. Child unknown.

Above center – This postcard of the Redford family circa 1860 has left to right front row – Morris, Thomas, and Henry while the back row is Jane (Weaver), Ira, and Emily (Cook). The only one missing is Ervin, who was a miller in Tennessee. (Photo from Waukesha County Museum collection.)

Above 3rd from left – Abigail Newell (Redford), b. 1834, April 3, m. 1864, July 11, d. 1931, March 29.

Above far right – Calling cards of Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Redford received June 1997 from Laurie L. Becker.


“Redford family has rich roots in county” by Ivan Kaste, Waukesha Freeman, April 27, 2000. Contains photo four children of Sylvester and Esther Redford posed in photo taken about 1893.


Above left – article about Thomas S. Redford about 1986.

Above center – “Redford makes first land claim in Lisbon Town” by Fred H. Keller, appeared in Sussex Sun.

Above 3rd image – Old Hwy 164 named for Brent Redford, great-great grandson of Thomas S. Redford

Above far right – “A letter from a Lisbon settler”

Above left – brothers Alvin J., Sylvester Jr., and Allen Redford, sons of Sylvester Sr., son of Thomas S. Redford. Brought up just south of Lisbon Plank Rd. and west of old Hwy 164, now Hwy 74. Picture a postcard circa 1905.

above – 2nd from left; Lisbon Plank School about 1927 near Redford family homesteads.

3rd from left – The old Union Church, 1855-1894, was situated at the nw corner of Lisbon Plank Rd. and old Hwy 164 (now Hwy 74 in 2011).  by Congregationalist and Methodist on alternating weekends. Sold in 1894 for $275, became machine shed…later torn down. Added note: Frank Grogan married there on April 11, 1884 when it was a Methodist only church.

4th – Sylvester Sr. and Esther Redford, front row; back row left to right – Sylvester Jr., Carrie/Caroline Redford/Holmes, Allen Redford, Ida Redford, Lideska(?) Beck. Taken circa 1927

Far right above – back row, Howard Redford, Donald Redford, Harold Holmes. Middle row, Roy Redford, Grandpa Sylvester (Donald Bafa? in front of him), Grandma Esther, Roy Lidecker. Front row, Esther Lidecker, Janet Redford Baumann

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