Telephone Service History

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Telephone Service

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 09/28/2012

    The history of telephoneservice in the Sussex – Lisbon area is just starting to be developed, if youhave pictures or memories you’d like to share please feel free to contact thissite’s webmaster, see below for email address.

The chronological entries below are all credited to TheWaukesha Freeman unless otherwise noted.

It is Prosperous and Gives Excellent Service. Annual Meeting Recently Held.
The Pewaukee and Sussex Telephone Co. was organized in the spring of 1902 and completed its line in July of that year. It has about six miles of line, connecting the villages of Pewaukee and Sussex with 23 phones attached. Several farmers along the line are stockholders and have phones and are enjoyingthe convenience of the service. The company holds semi annual business meetings in January and July. It was at the January meeting of this year that the stockholders enjoyed the hospitality of James T. Weaver of Sussex. After transacting business the stockholders were treated to an oyster supper by the hostess. All present had a pleasant time. The company is in a harmonious and prosperous condition; its line is connected with the Wisconsin Telephone Co.’s line at Pewaukee. The officers are: Geo. McKerrow. president; James T. Weaver, vice president; Jerome Ryan, secretary, and Elmer Weaver, treasurer.
source: Waukesha Freeman | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, January 21, 1904 | Page 1

1911/ Aug 10 –  a joint meeting of the representatives of the severaltelephone companies will be held in Sussex this (Thursday) evening to discuss toll lines between our several switchboards. The toll scheme is not popularamong the subscribers and it seems likely that, should it be introduced, thecompanies would lose more in subscribers than they would in tolls. Many phoneswould no doubt be taken out.

1911/ Sept 7 – The Lisk telephone companyis preparing to build a new line from Abel’s corner to Week’s as the old polesare not worth crossarming and there is to be another circuit put up, which willnot connect Merton and Sussex switches with subscribers on the new circuit.

1911/Oct 5 – A crew of Wisconsin Telephone’s Co.’s line-men are putting up eight newlines of wire…