The Excepshuns, a Menomonee Falls band

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The Excepshuns, a Menomonee Falls band

The Excepshuns

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 25, 2016

Updated 06/25/2016

Pam Windisch Horst The Excepshuns had John Windisch, Mike Rotar, Jerry Brookins, Kenny Hanson, Buddy Lomas and Mike Bahr. June 23 at 8:51pm

Mike Reilly – Pam, do you know their grad years, how long they were a band, etc? June 23 at 8:54pm

Pam Windisch Horst  – Mike Reilly Jerry graduated in ’66 and the rest in ’68 I think. I think they stayed together thru high school and then I know John formed a new band called Johnny Winston and the Starfire Rock Show!! June 23 at 9:07pm

Mike Reilly – So they started maybe in 65 or 66? The new band also had MF members? Looking for any pictures too? June 23 at 9:10pm

Pam Windisch Horst  –Mike Reilly I’d have to check with John for that. He lives in LaFarge, WI now. He’s my brother. I know I have some pictures, but will be going out of town for a few days, but will look when I get back, if I remember.  June 23 at 9:13pm

Maripat Gnabasik Blankenheim  – Buddy Lomas and Ken Hanson were class of 1970. I think Rotar was 69.June 23 at 10:28pm