The Royal Dukes – Chuck Fischbach

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The Royal Dukes – Chuck Fischbach

The Royal Dukes

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 10, 2016

Updated 06/19/2016

Chuck Fischbach  – Ours was The Royal Dukes. There was…Gary G and the Auroras, Mickey They and Them,…The Revolutionary Kind. I know there were others….if I think of more I’ll post them. Thanks!

Chuck Fischbach, 70June 19, 2016 – Mike, Gary Graph was lead guitar for Gary G and The Auroras and I played bass with them for a while.

Chuck Fischbach – Mickey They and Them was from Milwaukee…there were others from Milwaukee that were from the same era that were good. We used to set up in Shopping Centers on Saturday and have little battle of the bands. We also played battle of the bands at Washington High in Germantown.

Mike Reilly – Gary G and the Auroras – they were a Falls band, any members you can think of?

Chuck Fischbach – Gary Graph and I were in the band for a short time… June 13, 2016.

Chuck Fischbach: Here is a picture of The Royal Dukes. L to R – Chuck Fischbach, Mr Gross (Mary Jane Gross’ brother), Wayne Christopher, Larry Dospel, and Frank Roberts. FB June 17, 2016.