We Return band

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We Return Band

The beginning of Peace Valley Connection was actually kind of a union of people from three Sussex Hamilton bands that were going through some changes due to members graduating and other changes. The most well known and accomplished group was “We Return” formerly known as the “The Reason Why.” The members of this group included Steve Fuller, Mike Truttschel, Dave Dubnicka, Tom Leipzig and Norm Gauthier. via Mike Truttschel FB May 4, 2015

We Return business card via Mike Truttschel FB May 5, 2015

Menomonee Falls Jaycees Battle Of The Bands 1970

;We Return took 2nd place

Mike Reilly Mike was Brute Force with Tim Delaney a HHS group?

Mike Truttschel No, this was for bands in the Menomonee Falls – Milwaukee area. I actually think Tim Delaney went to Menomonee Falls North high school.

Mike Truttschel An interesting side note about this event. My present band, The Britins, had a keyboard player, Gary Hahlbeck, that retired in 2011. In 1969 (the year before this one) his band, The Unit, won that same Jaycees Battle Of The Bands. When We Return performed in this one in 1970, Gary was one of the judges when we took second place. I found this out just last year when talking with Gary.

..Mike Truttschel Another side note is that in a lot of these pics you can see these big speaker cabinets with the SONIC logo on them. Sonic was a new local company that shortly went worldwide. Our band was one of the early customers and took delivery of three of these cabinets. Gary is the owner of this company. I didn’t know Gary until nearly 30 years later.

We Return played from approx 1969-71 Tom Leipzig, Dave Dubnicka, Gary Steven Fuller, Norm Gauthier, Mike Truttschel. Other members for shorter terms were: Dave Segebarth, Mike Jurczyk, Craig Reicher.

Menomonee Falls Jaycees Battle Of The Bands 1970 from the Menomonee Falls News. From left: Norm Gauthier, Dave Segebarth, Mike Truttschel. In the crowd: classmates Kathy Magenheim (now my wife), right of microphone: Rick Ingrahm, Jim Gasper, Glenn Schultz, Bob Graf.

Dave Segebarth, Mike Truttschel, Tom Leipzig, Dave Dubnicka. Dave Segebarth replaced Steve Fuller who moved up north.

Mike Hyland Looks like Tom Leipzig never skips a beat.

Mike Truttschel Tom was a rock steady drummer.

Mike Truttschel I called him “Skins” he called me “Fingers.”

Lannon street dance Oct 1970 pictures below

Mike Truttschel

Mike Truttschel

Norm Gauthier, Mike Jurzck, Dave Dubnicka

Oct 1970 We Return members are: Mike Truttschel, Steve Fuller, Tom Leipzig, Dave, Dubnicka, Norm Gauthier, Mike Jurcyk

Above: Dave Dubnicka, Mike Truttschel Oct 1970 Lannon

Sussex Lions Daze parade 1971 pictures below

Mike Truttschel, Tom Leipzig

Sussex Lions Daze parade 1971 Mike Truttschel and Tom Leipzig watch Dave Dubnicka muscle that Fender Twin Reverb anp up.

Dave Dubnicka, Steve Fuller, Tom Leipzig, Mike Truttschel 1971


I miss my 1967 Strat


1971 Sussex Lions Daze parade

Mike Reilly So you guys are on a parade float?

Mike Truttschel Yeah, they had generator power for the amps. The theme for this one was something like “Lannon Lions – committed to serve.”


Below: “We Return” at the Everbreeze Resort July 1971

Tom Leipzig at Everbreeze Resort 1971

Dave Dubnicka at Everbreeze Resort July 1971

Norm Gauthier at Everbreeze Resort 1971

Mike Jurzck 1971

Mike Jurczk, Mike Truttschel, Tom Leipzig at Everbreeze Resort 1971

Norm Gauthier, Steve Fuller at Everbreeze Resort 1971

We Return at the Everbreeze Resort 1971

Mike Jurzck, Dave Dubnicka, Mike Truttschel, Tom Leipzig 1971