Willow Spring School Class Pictures

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Willow Spring SchoolHistory

Transcribed and edited by Michael R. Reilly

Updated 01/03/2006

Original Willow Spring stone schoolhouse – torn down in 1926

The Last Class atWillow Springs?

    New School for WillowSpring in Menomonee

    Construction to Begin soon. School Will then BecomeState Graded.

Menomonee – Recently 105 of the voters of Willow Spring district in thistownship authorized the school board to proceed immediately with theconstruction of a new, two-teacher building at a cost not to exceed $15,000.This will replace the present Lannon-stone building that has served thisprogressive community for over 60 years. It was here that hundreds of Menomoneepeople secured their education.

Building Complete

The following building committee was selected to handlethe new building project: John Gill, clerk; Frank Pfeil, director; EdwardSomers, treasurer; John Miller, and Louis Buckholz. County Superintendent A. C.Tews assisted with all of the legal details. More land will be purchased so asto add to the school site. William J. Redden, school architect of Racine, Wis.,was employed to prepare the plans and specifications, advertise for bids, andsuperintend the construction. Contract bids will be opened at the schoolhouse at8:00p.m. Tuesday, June 8.

Will Have All Conveniences

The new building will be 48×44 feet; one story andbasement. Besides the two standard class-rooms, the main floor will contain twoclock-rooms, one library, and one kitchenette for serving hot lunches to thechildren. The basement, which will not be far below ground, will contain alarge, well lighted room for a play-room and community gatherings, hot airheating system, indoor toilets, and ample store-rooms. The exterior walls willbe of pressed brick selected by the committee The capacity of the building willbe 90 pupils, but provisions have been made for possible future additions. Thismove will raise the standing of Willow spring from a rural district to a stategraded school district which will be of great advantage to the district. MissCatherine O’Keefe is the present teacher.

The Willow Spring schoolhouse is between Lannon and Sussex on Highway 74.

Waukesha Freeman, May 24, 1926