That 70s Wisconsin Beat: A Continuation of Gary E. Myers’ Research into Wisconsin Pop/Rock/Soul/Country, Part One

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The following are the additional unpublished research notes made by Gary E. Myers who has granted SLAHS permission to publish them in two parts. The page title is the idea of website editor Mike Reilly, and may not be used without his permission. All rights reserved. No part of this webpage may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from author/researcher Gary E. Myers.

This is comprised of peripheral info from my 60s research. Many of the items were saved as notes rather than usable finished entries. Also, many of the artists in this document have some connection to earlier artists covered in my books. Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

NOTE: The following artists were originally included in my 50s-60s books due to incorrect info that indicated 1969 as the year of their record releases:

American Tea Co
Apple-Glass Cyndrom (listed in appendix of 1st bk)
Bowery Boys / Baby Grand / Clicker
Little Gregory & the Concepts

Gary E. Myers is the author of “Do You Hear That Beat: Wisconsin Pop/Rock in the 50’s & 60’s”, pub. 1994, and “On That Wisconsin Beat”, pub. 2006. Gary may be contacted at where copies of his books may be purchased.

Note: The format below is much the same as that in Gary’s two published books.
Please address all additions, updates, and corrections to Gary E. Myers for verification and addition to this listing!

See Part Two

Albert the Alley Cat
(Milwaukee – Jack DuBlon – dec)

Key 1002 Santa’s Helper/Send Me A Bit Of Home For Christmas /72
Albert was a puppet from a children’s TV show, as well as being the weatherman’s sidekick. “He was a legend in the market,” recalled former Channel 6 promotion director Jim Behling.

Sherwood Alper

Page 7708 If I Were A Rich Man/Danny Boy

American Tea Co.

Gary Testrake – voc (5/31/50; Marshfield)
Ken Rogers – gtr
Mark Nelson – org
Tim Haley – bs
Jim Schuh – dr

Golden Voice 2327 I Want You Now/Don’t Leave Your Love /70
American Tea Co. began in 1967 with the members still in high school. Their single, high energy garage/psych with organ and nice guitar work on the fade, was recorded at a small studio in East Pekin, Illinois, and spent seven weeks on WDLB’s top 40 (Marshfield). The band toured through the Gary Van Zeeland Agency and broke up in 1970. The members reunited to play a set at their high school reunion in 1989.


R.E. Warner – gtr
? Brown – kb
(two others unknown)

La Belle no # Fast Suzi/Not Sure She’s Mine
Dave Eppler owned a dairy farm in Oconomowoc where he provided a hayride for students from Northwestern Prep, a ministry school in nearby Watertown. They returned from the ride to find a band set up in the barn; Eppler thought they were pretty good and offered to produce a record. They recorded in Milwaukee and had “four or five hundred records” pressed by an Illinois company. Eppler didn’t recall the reason for the label name for sure, but he thinks it was probably a reference to Lac Labelle. “The station in Watertown was the only one that ever played it,” he said. In 2011 Eppler sold over 90 of his remaining 45’s to a Milwaukee collector/seller.

Unrelated Anthem: Probably unrelated to any other Anthem on record. Source: Dave Eppler telephone interview, 2011

Apple-Glass Cyndrom / Cyndrom
(Clovis, NM)

Jon Williams – ld gtr
Bill Aguirre – rh gtr
Johnny Mulhair – gtr/org (10/6/53; Clovis, NM)
Scott Rebtoy – bs
Dale Sills – dr

Column 691 Going Wrong/Someday /70
Sound Odyssey 5010 All Shook Up1/Mountain Sparrow (Cyndrom) /72
Coliseum 5010 All Shook Up2/Mountain Sparrow (Cyndrom) /72
Sundazed 134 Going Wrong/Someday /98

Apple-Glass Cyndrom appeared on the Madison-based label of producer Daniel Miller, who was managing bands in Clovis while working with Buddy Holly producer Norman Petty. Miller recalled Johnny Mulhair’s strong resemblance to Holly: “Norman commented, looking through the window, ‘You know, that guy looks just like Buddy did.'” (Sadly, Dan Miller was brutally murdered in Las Vegas in 2002; Anthony Prentice, a young man whom Miller had mentored, was convicted of the crime).

Mulhair believed their session was one of last done at the studio where Holly had recorded. Drummer Sills was only 14 at the time, and bassist Rebtoy was the stepson of Jack Vaughn, the guitarist in Petty’s early Trio. Apple Glass Cyndrom never appeared in Wisconsin, but played teen dances in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and the Texas panhandle. Several personnel changes had taken place by the time of the later record.

After a fling running his late father’s ranch, Mulhair returned to music as a session guitarist and engineer. It proved to be a wise choice. After playing bass on a Fireballs tour in the early 90’s, he reached a high mark as lead guitarist and co-producer of the first two LP’s for country/pop sensation Le Ann Rimes. “The first hit record to come out of there in many years,” he said.

Sources: Daniel W. Miller telephone interview, 1997; Johnny Mulhair telephone interview, 1997

Arctic Cat
(Thief River Falls)

1257 Year of the Cat/I Believe In Movin’ /70
Arctic Cat snowmobiles

Area Codes
(Eau Claire)

Arne 409025 Pretty Little Angel Eyes/I Must Be So Awful /71

Atlantic Ocean
(La Crosse)

John Glick (also see Flying Free)
Gabriel Berrafato
Charles “C.F.” Kuckler – kb

Coulee 137 I Thought A Lot Today/Sunday Morning /71


David Edel, Jr – gtr

J.&.J. 1014 Bebop And Blues/It’s All Right /71
Teen Town 120 Off Your Feet/It’s All Right /71

Other instruments in Avatar were baritone sax, tenor & alto sax, trumpet, B3, bass and drums. The drummer reportedly went on to great success, but Edel would not provide details. “Off Your Feet” is a re-titled “Bebop & Blues”.

Bad Boy

Steve Grim – kb (7/16/50; Moline, IL)
Xeno – gtr/kb
John Marselli – bs
Billy “Friday” Johnson – dr

United Artists 1063 Thinking Of You/Shake Me Up /77
1118 Disco/I’ve Had Enough 12/77

Bad Boy no# Mama Ma Ma/Stay With Me Tonight /83
Elektra 69788 Mama Ma Ma/Stay With Me Tonight 9/83

United Artists 781 The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous /77
866 Back To Back /78
Streetwise 4321 Private Party /80
Legend ? Bad Boy ?
(see Revels/Trafalgar Square)

Badge / Black Death

Raymond “Pucky” Nye -gtr/voc (5/22/55; Ashland)
David Gregoire – voc
Jim Anderson – gtr
Gary Jaskowiak – kb/voc
John Coffee – bs
David “Tink” Tyndall – dr (715-682-5735)

Cathedral 417 Rock And Roll With Ork/In Need (# could be 2650) /71
CMS 018 Glory Bound/She Put Me Down (prod: Jack Casper in Superior) /75
Generic Boogie Till You Puke (Root Boy ..)/Temptation Eyes

Formed in 1969, and still active in the 90’s, this band was originally named Shotgun; the name was changed to avoid confusion with a band from Ann Arbor. They reportedly toured with the Grass Roots, Steppenwolf, Rick Nelson, Herman’s Hermits, Tommy James, and the 5th Dimension. Rob Grill of the Grass Roots may have had something to do with the choice of the name Badge. Nye’s band won a BOB when he was 13. Rock And Roll With Ork is old style fast r’n’r with 70’s flavor, a few screams, and Chuck Berry style guitar. The flip is reminiscent of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.

Bagshot Row

Pirate 1008 Big Fat Mama/Turtle Wax Blues /73


Tyler Famularo – gtr (9/16/51; Milwaukee)
Carl Mussman – kb (see Wrest)
Mickey Kornowski – bs
Mike Bucholtz – dr

Blue Ribbon 117 From The Start/No Time At All
Also on WKTI LP
Source: Famularo interview 2003
Related: 1976 Tyler Famularo LP on Audifex

Bare Blue Water
(Fond du Lac)

Ronald Deuginski – voc
Pat Sullivan – ld gtr (lost 2 fingers)
Charlie Blantz – rh gtr
Jeff Borndahl – bs (tool design, back playing since ’80)
Steve Hinkley (Fond du Lac) – dr (photog)

Target 1012 Midnight Hour/My Giant Cork 5/70
Also see: Gentle Thud

Jim Barribeau & the Thomas Kats
(Kingsford, MI)

Jim Barribeau – gtr (driving sch bus in ’96)
Floyd Thomas – bs (dec 80’s)
Terry VanHoute – dr

Sara 5024 Dream On Little Dreamer/The Seashell /72
Barribeau and his band played from 1971-74, with their first gig at the Hide-Away Bar in Aurora. They subsequently booked through Gene Smiltneck’s Bands Unlimited of Escanaba. (The A-side is not the Perry Como tune). Terry VanHoute was working in a local super market in the 90’s; Floyd Thomas was killed while trying to rescue a co-worker in a cave-in.


Mammoth 109/10 Secret Love /Wild Turk 70’s
(pub: Shapiro-Bernstein/pub: Janell)

Willie Batchelor / Batchler
(Racine – 12/7/33; Bells, TN)

Gibbs 101 Baby If You Do Right/Kids Stay In School /70
B.W. 300 Baby If You Do Me Wrong, pt1/pt 2 /71
Formula 101 I Need A Hit/I Know She Loves Me /73
102 I Believe In Music/If It’s Love You Want, Baby That’s Me /74
(& Faith Gage w/May Greer & May Cornelius)
Friendly 2877 What Ever Will Be, Will Be/I Just Can’t Make It Alone

Frank Bell

Young Buck ? Guitars, Harleys & Angels Like Charlie’s/
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young and Leave A Beautiful Memory

Jerry Bellomy & the Country Road

Jerry Bellomy – rh gtr
Ken Peterson – gtr
Bob Rohan – bs

Rich Pramer – dr
TCR 100 Sandy Sends Her Best/Hobo Jo /73
TCR Records, P.O. Box 1102

Georgette Beltran
(Georgette Mongaya Beltran – Arpin)

American 5061 This Lovely Day Is Mine/Suddenly I Feel Lonely /74


Chris Connors – gtr
Don Breiwa – kb/bs
Gordy Olski – bs
John Robarge – dr

Earth 5005 Gonna Have A Good Time/Back It Up /75
Also see: Underground Sunshine, Next Five


Elwood, Eric & Kenneth Bennett
Raynard 843K-1145 I Can’t Get Next To You/My Baby’s Gone
No label 0178  Girls I’m Here/I Want A Little Girl
Page 8083-25 I Wish You Well/Pass It On /77
Milwaukee’s version of the Jackson Five. A-side is a funky version of the Temptations classic by, while the ballad flip is actually a remake of Chuck Willis’ “It’s Too Late”.

Barbara Benson

Page 20027 Wishing Time Away/Truth /72

Big Beats
(Dubuque IA)

Arty Mentz – bs
Al Andrusco – pno/gtr
Bob Greenwood – dr

A.B.A. LP no # Saturday Night With The Big Beats 9/70
(Live At The Coliseum Room of Bilotti’s Forum)
Not to be confused with Artie Minz on Cuca, Mentz did an Elvis act. “He looked the most like Elvis,” said Dubuque’s Ron McDonald. “We did shows in Florida and when we came through the airport, everybody dropped – they know it’s him.” The LP was recorded at Bilotti’s in Green Bay.
Also see: Fortunes (Bob Greenwood)
Unrelated Big Beats: Not related to any other Big Beats on record.
Source: Ron McDonald telephone interview, 1995

Bill Bishop & the Keynotes

KL 187 Welcome To My World/Keep On Dancing

Black Society

Stax 0115 Look Around You/Happy Human People 1/72
MCA 40068 I Feel/Sherry 6/73
Was rumored to have a connection to the Seven Sounds.

Blue Tale Fly

Doug Skoog (IN, WA, NC)
Dick Start
Pat Nugent – ld gtr (9/26/48; Oshkosh)
Mike Meidl – rh gtr
Nick Christas – gtr
Tom Hansen – dr (9/30/52; Oshkosh)

Chief Oshkosh 7101 Down Along The Cove3/Let The Band Rock /71
Also see Cobblers, Sunstone Lollypop


R. McCullough
T. Godfrey
Clyde Stubbefield – dr

Mad City 1001 Do It Now/ /74
Esteemed drummer Stubbelfield previously worked with James Brown.
Prod: Gerald Black of American Music, co-w: Stubblefield


Fiddle Sticks 003 Redneck Mother/Rocky Top (ps)

Bob & Jess

Page 3460/61 The Maynard’s Night Train/The Maynard’s Dream m# /71

Donny Bongers & the Nashville Sound

Donny Bongers – gtr/stl (11/28/44; Little Chute) Leon Babcock – gtr/stl
Andy Brickle – ld gtr Gary Laabs – bs
Bonnie Lou Bishop – voc
Bill Richling – bs
Don Pinnow – dr

Kel 8520/21 Vacant Lot/Getting Nowhere Fast /71
(voc bg by Sunstone Lollypop)
1965-85 Opened for name acts Faron Young, Hank Snow, Tex Ritter; did session on Don Shuckart record. (Christine?)
Walt Heff & Rimshots (Appleton area, owns Century Signs)

Jim Booth & the Country Clan
(Zion, IL)

Jim Booth & daughter – voc
? Booth (son) – gtr
David Shaney – bjo
John Shaney – dobro
Don Miller – bs
Cuca 7021 Country Girl/A Real Friend 2/70
Previous gospel release on Faith (Memphis)

Bowery Boys / Baby Grand / Clicker

Dick Wiegel – gtr Jim Kelly – tp
Ron Page – kb T.J. Wimperman – tp
Ken Heim – gtr Greg Clemons – voc
Jeff Amundson – fl George Cash – sx
Don Richardson – tp (dec: 12/19/94) Mar Everest – gtr
Steve Tracy – bs Mike Briggs (Briganadello) – gtr/bs
Cub Tracy – dr Bob Schmidtke – gtr (dec: /84; CA)
Ron Sprous

Bowery Boys
Hemisphere 102 It’s For You/Duck m# /70
Baby Grand
Hemisphere 1604 Nature’s Way4/Twelve Bars Of Blues /72
5009 Lucy Cain/Cockeyed Doodle Blues /72

Hemisphere 105 Keep On Tryin’/Castle /73
Clicker 101 Tennessee Tailspin/So Sharp /73
102 Toto Comes Home/Bottles /74
103 Before You Say Goodbye/Thinking About You /75
Hemisphere 5180 Clicker /73
Clicker 1975 Harde Har Har /75

This band came to its fruition as Clicker. The common thread through the three band names is the Tracy brothers, Steve and Cub, who first began to play in teen-age bands around Platteville and Belmont. Relocated to Madison, with horns added, the Bowery Boys did their first demos under the production of radio personality Jonathan Little, whom Cub Tracy held in high regard.

Hemisphere was the label of the band’s management and the first release was recorded at Milwaukee’s Kennedy Studios. The name was changed to Baby Grand after a couple of years and various personnel changes, but the final designation of Clicker was adopted soon after that.

“We traveled our brains out,” said Cub Tracy, referring to 10 years of 275-300 one-nighters a year. Working with such names as Cheap Trick, Ides Of March, REO Speedwagon, Steve Miller, B.B. King and many more, the band was run on a very professional level. “We were trying to compete with the big groups,” said Tracy, “and in order to do that you had to have good sound equipment, good lighting equipment, and you had to have the big time clothes, so we just loaded up and went to New York and got them. “(We were) trying to do anything that we could do to get to the pot of gold,” Tracy said. “Almost got there a few times and, by golly, for one reason or another we just never got to stick our toe into it.” Tracy and former members of the band’s road crew later bought into the Good Music Company in Madison.

“Nature’s Way” is a ballad-y tune; the flip is very different funky mid-tempo blues/rock with slide guitar. “Keep On Tryin'” was Clicker’s most successful single, reaching the top five in Madison. Member Mike Briganadello (aka Memphis Johnny) went on to become a successful studio musician in Nashville and he appeared on the first two Amy Grant LP’s. Later Clicker singer Greg Clemons (not on any of the recordings) had a solo release on Nemporer.
Unrelated Baby Grand: Arista


Teen Town 124 Can This Be Real/Happy Feeling /72
(Miller/Jeff Stoll-Miller; prod: Jon Hall-Dave Kuck, rec @ Banana’s Inc.)
Band consisted of high school students. Billy Miller came from Inspirations, Billy & the Hi-Liners, etc.


Brite Set

Fox River 1003 Karen /In The Ghetto /70
(Stebbins-Fleming, voc by Little Harold)


Bananas 1001 I Want To Hold Your Hand/She Knows /77
Nova 7901 Maria/ same /79?
Wm Eisner & Assoc (John Tanner), Kim Marie knows drummer

Brothers By Choice

Tom Burke
David Bursey
Robert Gardner
Clarence McGee
Calgar 0002 You Think That I’m A Fool/Can’t You See /73
New World 105 Get Up And Dance/Got To Get You Home (also #35306) /79
See Phases, Enchanters


Rich Ranno (NY) – gtr
Johnathan Perot (DC) – bs
Steve Mundt – dr
Target 2005 Turks Squeal/Six Days On The Road /72
Earthquake 101 Six Days On The Road/Numbers
Bungi meant marijuana in Viet Nam. The Earthquake release was their own project while working in Madison, although the label was based in Bayonne, NJ. Rich Ranno went on to the Stories and Starz.

Camplin, Bill

Tool Room 45001 Lucky Man/Honky Tonkin’
See Woodbine


Cliff King – gtr
Mike Tallenger – voc
Bruce Cole – dr
D. Cramer?
Bruce Riddiough
Chuck Loth
Heartland 4183 Wounded Knee/Tomorrow Will Come /74
Studio group only, no live gigs. Recorded at the new Sun studio in Nashville, engineered by Red Sovine, Jr.
See xxx

Lola Carlton

Excel 45-7598 Sunny/Stella By Starlight
Floyd Johnson on dr, prod: Professional Audio, organ instrumental

Gary Chamberlain & Country Cats

Gary Chamberlain
Eddie Pfohl – stl
Larry White

Top Gun 1501 Muleskinner Blues/Don’t Be Angry5 /70

Changing Times
(La Crosse)

Tari Tovsen – gtr
Transaction 714 Diana/We Got To Live Together /72

Johnny Christian

Rainbow 1001 Silver Bracelets/The Gods Were Angry
Eddie Winters – gtr
Nick Weber – bs
Johnny Christian (Christanovich) – dr (4/23/41; Armstrong Creek – 5/6/04; Cudahy)

? The Devil Made Me Do It/Leaving On Her Mind
? Johnson Family Tree/ ?
2208 Rod Reed Johnson Family Tree/The World Of Sharon Kane /72 ?

“We worked so much it was ridiculous,” said Johnny Christian of this c&w trio that played local clubs from 1968-75. Christian had previously worked with Jim Sundquist’s Muleskinners, and he believed he was one of first singing drummers in the area. He owned the Middle Branch Saloon in Kenosha from the late 80’s until his passing from a stroke.


John Guelig
Larry Wolfe
Jeff (Kannenberg)
James (Oshkosh)
Bob Way
Phil Barry
R.B. Smith

Hammerhead 22 Rock & Roll The Night Away/My Kind Of Girl (ts)
Greentree 1235 See Me Through/I Love You
1340 We Can Fly/Changing-Rearranging (ps)
See Friends

(Stevens Point)

Fred Omerick
Wayne Kostroski
Rany Glodowski
Ray Cyr (from ME)

Jambee 1007/1008 I’ll Always Love You/Away From This World
(Spinners, ’65/Kevin Murphy, prod: Jordan Miller-Morrie Parker) Chi band?
Panda 29 I’m Walkin’/Bar Room Wiggy
CD: CIRCUS 2001 RI 1973 GEAR FAB GF-162

Coltrane, Chi


Glenn Boren (Blue Flame Music)
Blue Ribbon Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys/Dance The Night Away

Cliff Cozzuli

Brewtown 0001 The 40 Horse Hitch/12 String Mirage (promo for parade) 4/75
w/Manz Bro

Trish Cory & Company

Cory 8033   Lots of People/So Long /78
(w: Joe Lucchesi, arr: Dale Sayotovich, prod: D.S. & Stephen Thrall)

Patricia Nowicki was a 1967 graduate of Mercy High School and a friend of mine from that time.  We appeared in some productions together.  She and her husband formed a show band and did some touring including Vegas.  She changed her name to Trish Cory and I haven’t been in touch for at least 25 years. (John Radoszewski)

Country Boys

Frankie Hamm – gtr
Dan Pottapick – rh gtr
Roger Hamm – bs (son)
Alan Hempel – dr (also see Beast)
? Cheatin’ Woman/Guitar Hots /71
Kay Music Truckin’ Ole 13/Don’t Come /78
First single recorded in Wausau, second in Nashville.

Country Nighthawks / Lee Allen & the Country Nighthawks

Lee Allen

Lakeland 29911/912 The First Day (Of The Blues)/Rolling Waves (Rite 5502) /72
RAB/surfy-Hawaiiy inst (per John R)

Cowboy Jules
(Julius R. Roesler, 1/31/17 – 6/5/94)

Jule 1001 The Wyoming Waltz/I’ll Share My Love With You
1002 Partner and Pal/Hear Me Calling You
1003 William F. Cody/Wisconsin Copper Falls /74
Miss Idaho/Telephone
Understand My World/Incompatable
Probably recorded and/or pressed in Nashville. Label address: 6729 W. Lisbon Ave, Milwaukee 53210

Creme Soda

Jim Wilson – bs/pno
Billy Tanon – gtr (has solo & grp LP’s)
Ron Juntunen – gtr/bs
Art Hicks – dr
Kiderian 45121 Keep It Heavy/And That Is That
45122 (I’m) Chewin’ Gum/Roses All Around
Trinity CST-11-LA Tricky Zingers /75
Recording session included: Mary Beth Klein on flute.


Real to Reel 11 I Gotta Move/
Pre Bad Boy?

Cross Town Traffique

Ken Zielinger – voc
Dave Engedal – ld gtr (4/13/53; Eau Claire)
Mike Maresh – kb
Bill Burling – bs
Bernie Mulheron – dr (2/10/47; Durand)
Tangent 101 Shadow Woman/Love’s A Habit /70
Nectar 1245 Shadow Woman/Love’s A Habit
Manager Rob Hale made a New York connection and this band did a college tour there. Dave Engedal had to quit school to make it. The record was reportedly a pick hit in Ft Wayne, Indiana.
Also see: Burlington Express

Daddy Whiskers
Stevens Point

Daddy Whiskers was a fantastic group from Stevens Point that was led by Frank Stanislawski and Joe Eble.

I think it was Frank S that I got that quoted info from.

Following attributed to Bandleader (name lost) –  Daddy Whiskers was the name of my band, we played from 1972-1974 and again from 1979-1981 when I returned from 5 years in Nashville.  This was our first single release.  We released another single in 1980, Just Another Song/Losin’ My Mind Over You which were both written by guitarist Frank Statton (Stanislawski).  We recorded an album in early 1981 titled “Brother Wind” which we never released until we did a reunion gig in July of 1998.  We lived in Stevens Point.  In 1973 we signed a management deal with Ken Adamany.  He signed another act at the same time, Cheap Trick, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’ve released three solo albums in the last few years, “An American Anthem” in 2009, “Time Weary Traveler”, and “House Afire” in 2012, which was recorded in Nashville, Charlie McCoy plays on that one.  Pat MacDonald (Timbuk 3) plays harp on my first album.  These albums all hearken back to the late 60’s early 70’s

Dale & the Country Squires

Club 93 705 White Lightning/China Doll (Racine 53406) prob ‘74 or later
X3637 INSR 45-705-1/2, described as “primitive RAB/straight country”

Natural Sound Recording Studio: Bob Meltesen, 128 S Emmertson Rd, Racine 53406, 262-886-0637, began circa ’61 – 22 yrs. Larrin’s Club 93, Kenosha
Stereo – at least late 60’s
Larrin’s Club 93 in Kenosha.
I have a listing for a 45 on the Club 93 label by Dale & the Country Squires, which apparently sounds very old, but has to be at least late 60’s because it’s in stereo. (Apparently they were playing at the club, which backed their release). I’m hoping to learn if it fits my coverage or if it might be 70’s. I’ve found listings for matchbook covers on auction, but I couldn’t find any to actually view (not that that would help anyway, but you never know where a clue might come from).

On May 1, 1966 it was named:
Commodore’s Club 93
1518 Washington Ave
(from a Tavern League ad supporting a cancer benefit)
In 1969 to 1970 it was for sale: “Club 93 tavern for sale. 1518 Washington. For information call 632-9003, after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.”
(from a number of classified ads around that time)

On May 28, 1974
Lawrence Larrin, 1823 Marquette St (Residence?)
“Class B Liquor License application for 1518 Washington Ave”
(from a legal notice)
Attached is an ad from December 1974 for the “Five ‘n Dimers (aka “Nickel ‘n Dimers” as I found later) country band appearing at Club 93. Found no mention of Dale & the Country Squires in the newspaper archives.   I’m sure you’ve seen:


Barry Bratland – ld gtr (715-374-3569)
Ray Eliason – rh gtr
Steve Hero – kb, (218-729-6280, 722-2575)
Mark Marigold – bs (715-392-1996)
Dick Shaul – dr (also see Emotionals) 702 14th Av E, Superior 54880-3363, 715-398-0636
Northland 113 Destination/Very Much
Primarily a top-40 style band known as Nobody’s Children until they recorded, produced at Chess in Chicago by Gary Wedan.
Also see: Emotionals (Dick Shaul)

Dennis Day & the Country Gents
(Dennis David – Slinger)

Tee Pee 100 Everyone Is Heading South/Jambalaya /71
Won talent contest in Waupun for session.

Red Deacon

Goldrush 1003 Baby You Do/

Thomas Denk/Glen Hayward

Page 20022/23 A Nostalgia Trip/ To Bride And Groom It May Concern
(Tom, Pam, Donna, Maria & Gary) /75

Allen Douglas
(see Doug Wzaniak)

Marv Duncan / Rex Swanigan / & the Fabulous Troubadors
Carl McNealey

Night Owl 1535 Tribute To Jimi Hendrix/Cheater /70


Age of Aquarius 1557 Talk Of Love/Yesterdays /71
1557 Whispering Love/Yesterdays (I/I)

Art Essery

Leroy Glazier – gtr (Midwest Reunion Show)

Cuca LP 11-2 Country Side 11/71
Booked out of Wayne, Michigan, to St. Cloud, later recordings in Sioux Falls and Nashville (1982). On the road from 70’s – 88; Nashville since 1987 in the landscaping business.

Joey Esper

RJ I Can’t Help Myself/Lovin’ Eyes
PO Box 518, Cassville 53806 (w/prod: Pete Moore/Bruce Miller) (fem voc)

Euphoria / Uphoria (?)

Dee Wallich
Rainbow LP 1003 Lost In A Trance /72
Rainbow Prod. 11248 N Riverland Rd, Mequon

E.Z. Ryders

Tee Pee 2008 The Lock On Our Front Door/Service With A Smile /72
Sharon Schutt, 104 Garfield Av, Clintonville 54929, Neon Rainbow by ‘82

Fabulous Chefs / Chefs

Michael Echols – voc
Jon Gee – voc
Frank Runte – gtr
Dave Administer – sax
Ronnie Zanders – tp
Don Burton – tp
Lesley Odom – tb
Robert Burton – bs/conga
Bradley Burton – dr

Progress 1307 Mr. Machine/Mr. Machine, Pt.2 /73
I Can’t Stand To See You Go/
63-80, backed Ike & Tina, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Betty Wright, B.B. King, Chi-Lites, much turnover, traveled some, mostly Midwest, also Jamaica
Source: Don Burton telephone interview, 2001


Seanie 8903 Eau Claire County Jail/You And Me (both: Flynn) /72

Fairwater Band
(Eau Claire)

Dennis Kunkel (now in Newport Richey FL)
No label 03161 Kimberly/Waiting For The Times To Get Better

(probably Kenosha)

Wayne Kalis
David Moore
Teen Town 119 I Wanna Do It/A Song /71

Family At Max

Mathew Moore – voc
Sylvia St. James – voc
? Mulholland
? Tenrich
? Cook
? Drury
Michael Murphy (dec 5/14) -dr
Sound Odyssey 5008 Learnin’ To Live Together (Space Captain)/We Got To Get Together
(m#) /71

Family Circle

Sky Disc 642 Change/ (same) /72
644 I Hope You Really Love Me/Loving You Makes The World Go Round


(Menomonee Falls)

Rick Fredrick – ld gtr
Mike Glennon – rh gtr
Jeff Schneider – bs
Gregg Bertucci – dr
Sheri 102 Christine Neighborly/You’ve Lost /71

Fat Bruce

Randy Klein – voc Charlie Radtke (2/8/51; Milwaukee) – kb
Howard Heather – gtr Gerry Krivitz – gtr
Mike Bronstad – bs Richie Matzat – gtr
Brian Mattson – dr
Brewtown 0002 Got To Get It /Nest In A Fallen Tree /71
Radtke prev w/Amer Exp, later became owner of Phoenix Marketing Grp, sang on a commercial for Stein Optical that ran on Milw radio for yrs.
Also see: American Express (Radtke)

Fat Water
(Champagne, IL)

Vicki Hubley – voc (on to studio work, jingles, etc.)
Lance Massey – gtr
Everett Ahmanson – kb
Bill “Boris” Arthur Schneider – bs
Pete – dr (to Lynn Anderson)
MGM 14101 Santa Anna Speed Queen/Amalynda Guinevere 1/70
LP 4660 /70
Irv Azoff, Steve Sperry, Dick Marx, Bob Knutt

Father Time

Steven Feudner – gtr Al Jebavy – gtr/kb/horns
Bob Hinze (Vikings) – bs
Darrel Mand – dr
Target 2001 I’m Gonna Get Out/Yesterday Will Never Come
See Chain Gang/Chevelles

Ferne & the Blackjacks
(label: New Richmond)

Willow River CGS010 I Need Someone To Hold Me /Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
(Holy Diel-MacDill)/
Note: Ferne & the Blackjacks have now been added to my 60s coverage, as they apparently had a 1969 45 (but of course, this is long after publication of my bks).

First Family / Sugarhill

Khadjia Anwar – ld voc
Washington 101 That’s Love/Slow Down /76
Sugarhill name used 1st. Polydor 74?

Flash & Blue Sky Ramblers / Flash & Lucky

Page 20014/15 Milwaukee Stomp/Why Do I Think Of You Tonight
Raynard 223/24 Milwaukee Stomp/Why Do I Think Of You Tonight


Neal Gladstone
Mike Koss – bs
Bob Behling
PKC 2550 Nancy/Whatever You Decide 12/71
Gladstone lived in Stillwater, OK. see Dr. Cuddley’s Rx

Flying Free

John Glick
Transaction 715 You Can Do/Your Day probably /72
See Atlantic Ocean


Terry – voc (probably Terry Modl)
Mark Strang – ld gtr Dave Berger – kb/gtr
Mike Maresh – kb Brett Peterson – ld gtr
Rick Johnson – sx
Dan Pitts – tp
John Hartzell – bs
Mike Paus – dr
Audio-Tek 160 Go And Say Goodbye/Country Girl /72
Inmates, 5-pc, became Fox, 7-pc, circa 67-68, see Rags Of Riches
Also see 7th Day Creation, Rick Johnson

Free Mind

Twin Town 10970 Just Jammin’/After We’re Gone (The World Keeps Turnin’) /70


Jim Chase – gtr
Paul Smith – kb
Alan Ives – bs
Larry Wolfe – dr
Night Owl 1538 Jane/Can’t Make It Without You 9/70
see Nomads, Torquays

Fresh Air


R.Raskin – voc
P.Batchelor – ld gtr
L.Sigg – rh gtr
S. Tybinko – bs
J.Wills – dr
LB 100 I’m Tired (Savoy Brown)/Sway (Stones)
Sub-label of Blue Eagle (Sussex)


Isabella (Izzi) Wakkinen – rh gtr
? – bs
? – dr
Began in1968, many personnel changes.
You Are Always On My Mind/Yodel Your Blues Away 12/72

Geneva Convention

Ken Chovan – ld gtr
Kurt Harff – rh gtr (7/25/50; Kenosha)
Rick Feely – bs
Ron Funk – dr
Beverly Hills 9340 Call My Name/Something Beautiful 2/70
prod: Bill Traut, house band at Majestic Bandstand in Lake Geneva, Majestic Hills Ski Resort, opened for Who, Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Gary Puckett, Spencer Davis. Harff later did duo with Gary Ricchio, son of Trendels member.

Gentle Thud

Pat Sullivan – ld gtr (lost 2 fingers)
Charlie Blantz – rh gtr
Jeff Borndahl – bs (tool design, back playing since ’80)
Steve Hinkley (Fond du Lac) – dr (photog)
Target 1011 On The Road Again /Good Time Music /70
(Lovin’ Spoonful LP-65/Sebastian, prod: Mike Dellger)
See Bare Blue Water

Godmother & the Family
(PO Box 572, Oconomowoc 93066)

(no label) 43438 Rock ‘n’ Roll Get Down/Don’t You Believe Me
Kevin Kaiser Music (there is a RnR Get Down w: Gray Lee Huff)

Good Intentions

Kurt Kronhelm – sx
Brewtown 1001/02 Dancing All Night/Several Times /78
1003/04 But It’s Alright/Harlem Hustle /78
LP 1006 Those Good Intentions /78

Gourdoux, Huber, Hall

Tim Gourdoux – gtr
Gregg Huber – perc
Jimmy C. Hall, Jr (dec) – perc
Charisma 1001 She Makes Me Fly/Below /71
Described by collector John Radoszewski as a great combination of mid-60s garage rock with cheesy organ, and summer of love.

Penny Goodwin

Sidney 3915 Too Soon You’re Old/Today Is The First Day (w/Ray Tabs Trio & Orch)
Sidney Ent. LP 101 Portrait Of A Gemini /73

Tom Green

(Thomas M. Greenblatt, /56 – 3/1/07; Milwaukee)

T Green 5037 Little Sister – Get Back/Jailhouse Rock /74?
Green did an Elvis tribute act and often sang the National Anthem for Milwaukee Admirals games. He sang in the Milwaukee Bel Canto Chorus and was a backup singer for Pavarotti on a Chicago gig.

Otto Greenwood

Page 20012/13 Boston Girl/I’ve Been Through It All

Jim Gregory
(Jim Lueptow, Madison)

Earth 5004 Friends/I Do Love You
5006 Love Song/If It’s Love /76?
5007 Linus & Lucy/I Do Love You
Johnathan Little bro-in-law.

Chuck Hall
(La Crosse)

R-711 711 Have You Ever Seen The Rain6/Lookin’ Out My Back Door7

Chuck Hall originally formed a duo with bassist Jim Burkhart. They added drummer Tom Eisenmann and became the Jim & Chuck Trio. After changing their name to the Jesters III, they toured northern California, Washington, Montana, and Oregon through Allied Artists West Coast. Hall remained on the West Coast, working as single and in a duo with his wife in the 70’s and 80’s.
See Jesters III

Hands Of Time

Willie White
Inner City 172 This Love Is For Real/I’ll Never Forget You /71

Haney Family

Page 494-6 Betty/Heart Of Stone (C. Rolkosky)

John Harmon

Jazz LP prod by Don Dexter, early 70’s.


Je-Har 12882 In The Cool Of The Night/Shortage Of Love /82
123 Night Time Fun/What Went Wrong

J. Harrison B. Band

Paul Levandowski
Page 810029 Leavin’ You/Travelin’ Down /78
Anawin 101 Crazy/Heartbreak Hotel
102 Walleye Weekend/Walleye Weekend Is Back
See Kitty & Kats

Hatchet Creek Boys

Telemark Lodge 38631/2   Ladies Fancy /Do You Know What It’s Like to be True
(trad-arr: Dan Crary/Joe Cronick)
Described as an instrumental backed with a bluegrassy vocal. Recorded at Telemark Lodge in Cable.

Bob Heil & the Mavericks

Top Gun 1520 Part Of Mine/I Can’t Stay m# /70

Herm Heldt

(Herman Ludwig ‘Smokey’ Heldt;1920-6/4/03)
Heldt 120821 Star Dust Rambler/My Trusty Pal (late 70’s)
122841 Rose Of The Alamo/With Someone Like You
124391 Millions Of Mothers/Red River Valley
126551 Cowboy Blues/Worried Mind
129041 Cow Man’s Meditation/Makes No Difference Now
Accompaniment:  C. Johnson, B. Stewart, Nashville, Tenn. Records, Owen, WI R.2, H – Ranch
The numbers have SoN prefix = pressed by Sounds of Nashville. It’s a very late record.  SoN 112411/2 is from 1973, so this one must be mid-70s.  Most likely it has a publication date printed on the label.


Rudy Von Ruden – bs/gtr (11/17/44; Cashton, WI)
Tim Grecco –dr
Holly Spiller II-pno/bs
Little Fort 4126 I’ve Been A Fool/He’ll Put You Down /71
See Lion & Leprechauns

The Hope
(La Crosse)

Wayne McKibbin – gtr
Boyd Sibly – kb Jim Croegaert – kb,
Dave Klug – bs
Jeff Cozy – dr
Coulee 134 Where Do You Want To Go/One Man /71
See Jesters III

Pete Host
(2/2/42; Detroit, MI – Milwaukee)

Raynard 1120 Steamer 43/Listen My Son Z4KM-2160 /70
Host 9486 I’m A Happy C Ber/No Hills Or Trees To Climb ‘70s

A very simple recording of only guitar with vocal, produced by Duane Alan. Host worked on the C&O Railroad (with seven ships, making it the largest fresh water fleet) out of Ludington, MI, serving Milwaukee, Manitowoc & Kewaunee. The company employed 500 men, so the record sold to them & families. Host pressed 2000, said he sold out in a “couple weeks”, and ordered 2000 more. “All the bars for 100 miles around had it on their jukeboxes and some of them wore it out,” he said. He worked at WKLA in Ludington from ’71-’77, both on air and sales, and sang in churches for 12 yrs. In the 00’s he was an airbrush artist in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hot Ice
(Kansas City)

Target 101 I’m Your Fool/Last To Die /71
Unrelated Hot Ice: Avco Embassy, Pacific, Radio

(La Crosse)

UA 50210 Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around/Gypsy

Infinite Blue
(Menominee, MI)

Pat Hafemen – gtr
Sam Steffke – kb
Steve Toohill – bs
Jim Bardowski – dr
Tevar 10376 Black Train8/Lies /71

Infinite Blue backed singer Patti Whipp on a previous release. The label was owned by Jim & Philip Ravet, and, although based in Menominee, Michigan, Philip lived in Milwaukee at the time. The label name is the reverse spelling of his last name.
Sam Steffke later joined Milwaukee jazz/fusion band Street Life, also recording a solo LP titled “This Is My Real Job.” On Januray 26, 2006 Milwaukee jazz musicians participated in a benefit to help Steffke battle a rare blood disease.
See Patty Whipp


Russ Roberts
Age of Aquarius 1570 Where Have They Gone, What Have Done/Stone Woods

Iron Horse

Mathey Staiduhar
Tom Nelson
Page 1123 Who Do I Thank For Who I Am)/It Was Only Yesterday /70
(Matt W.Staiduhar, Jr./Matt W.Staiduhar, Jr. & Tom Nelson, pub. by Duane Alan Productions, BMI)

Izzy & the Question Marks

Page no # What Do I Do With My Spiro Agnew Watch/Big Bad Dick /70


Banana 5037 Lady Liz/Sweet Blue Child
LP 5179 The Jake Album Dedication
Star LP ? Street Life /83


Markus 3846 It Ain’t Been Easy/ /71
Arr: M. Townley for Geek Productions

Jimmy James

Page 3093 A Saga/When The Saint’s Go Marching In m# /71

Ron Jay
(Label at 3226 Fairmount, Milw)

Ramm 1001 Mailman Blues/Girl Of My Dreams

Nanci Jaye
(Nancy Johnson; Milwaukee)

Dante 0178 Are You Happy Babe/Just To See You Smile 1/78
Produced in Nashville by Dick Manske. There might have been another song, “f Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride” recorded. The label was named for Johnson’s son.
Dick Manske 479-925-1373, 8009 Farrah Ln, Rogers, AR 72756-7931
Jon Wojciechowski (715) 289-4501 22752 66th, Cadott, WI

Johnny & the Poorboys

Joe Schwab – gtr; Muscoda, Boscobel
Johnny Waltz – accor,
Juan Franklin – dr (8/27/36; Monroe Cty)
Top Gun 1567 The Fightin’ Side Of Me/Alabama Jubilee /72
Juan Franklin was still performing as a single in the 90’s.

Johnny, Bernice & Bonnie

Johnny Balke (b: 1918) – ld gtr
Bernice Balke (7/4/30; Blenker – 5/14/03; Marshfield) – rh gtr
Bonnie Balke (b: 1955) – bs
Golden Echo 5201 I Heard the Bluebirds Sing/Slippin’ Off Your Wedding Ring /70
5207 I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby/Could It Be True /71

Johnny Balke had a radio show on WTCH in Shawano with the Melody Mountaineers, a band he founded in the 40’s. Around the early 50’s he and wife Bernice began performing as a duo. Daughter Bonnie joined, “when I was old enough to strap on a bass guitar and stay up until two in the morning,” she said. It was 1967 and she was 12. “We performed throughout the northern part of the state – Green Bay, Shawano, Appleton, Oshkosh, Kaukauna, New London, Wisconsin Rapids and more. Most gigs were in bars – with or without stages – but we did occasionally play outdoor festivals and picnics.”

Johnny later continued with solo gigs until he was nearly 90. Bonnie moved to Milwaukee at age 18 and, as Bonnie Jay, worked with The New Legion Rock Spectacular and The Booze Brothers Revue, which toured from 1980-92.
Browns, 1957
Louvin Bro, 1956
I Heard the Bluebirds Sing: A4KM-3119-1
Slippin’ Off Your Wedding Ring: A4KM-3120-1
I Don’t Believe You Met My Baby: 10501 808G1 5207 R1
Could It Be True: 10502 808G2 5207 R1

Rick Johnson

Ken 108 The Sun Was In My Eyes/Touch Me If You’re Real
Also see:

Dick Kapusta & the Troubled Mind

Cuca 1508 A Forgotten People/Is This Free 5/70
Kapusta, aka Richard Blackhawk, performed songs about Native Americans, also recorded Native American flute music.

L.G. the Great

Yellow River 205057 Prehistoric Klein/Jamesway
w: Laberee Lee Ganther, prod: Dave Edwards, Box 69 Spencer 54479
A-side is a dinosaur novelty song, B-side a promo for a park.

Linda Kilty / w/Frank Whoerle & the Drifting Cowboys

Linda Kilty ? Maybe in my Mind/We’ve Seen it All
(prod: Mark Gungor & L Kilty, Gungor has studio in Marshfield)
Country rock-ish, Kilty reportedly has an Olivia Newton-John sound.
Also see: Frankie Whoerle & Drifters

Tommy Kaye Show

Embers 1521 I Need Someone Now/Man Without a Name
Also see: Teen’s Men

The Kind

David Wilmoth – voc (later kb)
Don Becker – gtr
Rich Becker (dec late 80’s) – kb
Bill Downey – bs
Steve Wilmoth – dr Mike Peck – perc
Blue Hour EP 1006 Jingo/Time To Take A Turn/Shades Of Time/Proud Mary /70
1007 Travel On/Words
Together from 1966-72 as the Cryin’ Kind, this band played bars, clubs and CYO dances, gigging as far as DePere and Green Bay. Their single got some WOKY airplay, and Steve Wilmoth later played in Las Vegas.

Denny King

Sara 5016 Fate Of A Fool/Don’t Talk Baby /71
Pee Wee King protégé
Note: The Denny King listed is not the guy from the Darnells.

Joe L. & the Serenaders

Sympathy 33193 Funky Vliet Street/Soul Strut
Prod: A.C. Poston

Irv Lampson & Winston Whitford

Page 3041 Folsom Prison Blues/Dark As A Dungeon /71
Norby Larson
Amaka ? ?
Johnny LeMac
Brewtown 0003 Mama Take Care Of Your Baby/(part 2) /72

(La Crosse)

Steve Nicolai – dr
Gramophone 1001 Baby-Baby-Baby/After The Show /71

Bob Lindemann & Continentals

Bob Lindemann – gtr (7/6/33; Beaver Dam)
Marv Congdon – Cordovox
Steve Graybill – sx.
Al Ingram – dr
Cuca 1569 Girls/Stay Near Me 7/7
Lindemann’s group played big band style, polka and variety, remaining active until 1992.

Little David
(Sheboygan – per Tourville)

G.Y.R.O. 1009-46 Silver Paper/Blow Free

Little Gregory & the Concepts

Greg Davis – voc (9/26/48, Racine) Rick Summers – ld gtr
Paul Riley – voc Ronnie Price – dr
Charles Wilkerson – bg voc Steve Raney – dr
Eddie Wright – bg voc
Jojo Wright – bg voc
Arthur “Coo Coo” Riley – ld gtr
Jojo Hayes – kb
Cecil Barker – sx
Louie Wawton – sx
Steve Robison – bari sx
Ricky Sullivan – tp
Sammy (Alvis) Harrell – bs (6/7/54, Racine)
Roger Davis – dr
Lompri 270 Get Away/Look And You’ll See 3/70

Although the Concepts were originally managed by Cleveland Cornelius, Greg Davis said, “I did all the choreography, the training, the teaching, the booking – everything!” Promoter Jim Lombardo heard the group at a Memorial Hall talent show and produced their record. They had also appeared on the Channel 18 show Grapevine. Lombardo recalled the group as consisting initially of neighborhood friends and acquaintances put together by a manager to provide positive activities and goals. The Concepts later reduced to a smaller group and enjoyed their biggest success around 1972. Davis’ later recordings, produced by George Ashie of Waukegan, remained unreleased.

“Look And You’ll See” is a decent soul ballad, even though the band sounds a bit ragged; “Get Away” is frantic soul, but non-melodic and repetitious.

Also see: Bennie Cole & Soul Brothers (Greg Davis) Sources: Telephone interviews, Jim Lombard 1994; Greg Davis, 1996

Donny Loew
(Eau Claire)

Sara 7022 Muleskinner Blues/Sweet Dreams 2/70

Loew paid the bills by driving a milk truck. He moved to Milwaukee later in the 70’s to play music.
1Elvis Presley, 1957
2Elvis Presley, 1957
3 Bob Dylan, 1968 – John Wesley Harding LP
4 Spirit – Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus LP, 1970
5Stonewall Jackson, 1964
6 Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1971
7 Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1970
8 Frost LP, 1969

See Part Two