Index to Menomonee Falls High School Bands

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Index to Menomonee Falls High School Bands

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 10, 2016

Updated 07/03/2016

a country band – Members: Dane Peterson, Brian Smith, Peter Alt, Paul Oswald, Rian Sommerfield, Dan Ackerman, and Kenny Chakitas

American Express – Michael White and Steve Daigle took the band, changed the name to the “American Express”, with Charlie Radtke, Wauwatosa, Lead Vocals, and Keyboard and Ed Jakober on Bass.

American Legends – members: Don Eisner, Tom Kaemmerling, Jerry Maki, Larry Wagner. Tom Kaemmerling: Jerry ’72, Tom & Don ’74, Larry W. ’74 (East). Later added: Larry H. ’73? (East) & Micki ”76 (East). Existence ’71-’73. We played, weddings, Captain’s Steak Joint, Holiday Inn, Christmas parties, etc. More MOR [Middle of the Road] than rock (that’s where the money was!)

Big Wheel – Falls band with Steve Fredrichs???

Bluestone – Members:  Dennis “Denny” Pokorny [MFHS 1967], Gregg Bertucci [MFHS 1970], and someone on Bass.

Boat’n Landing – See “On Strike”.

The Cartoons -Bob Carter: While I’m thinking of it, other Falls bands that I was in were The Cartoons, with my brothers Paul (MFHS ’72), Geoff (MFHS ’75) and Dan (MFHS ’80). Early-Mid 80s.

Deverons – Greg Nancarrow, lead guitar; Don Stockwell, voc.; Dennis Pokorny, guitar, b. 9/14/49; Dave St. George, lead guitar/bass, b. 12/28/46; Mike Rogers, sax; Bob Stater, drums; Richard Hoeltz, drums. Source: Gary Myers, OTWB, page 97-98.

DiversionsMembers: 1966 – Kerry Narf, lead guitar; Joe Phillips, rhythm guitar; Glen Dellmann, bass guitar; Jim Slais, drums.

The EvolsPaul Lutzke – Bill Evans may have been in the Evols [NO]. June 25, 2016 via FB – Paul Lutzke: to my memory; the Evols (love spelled backwards) had Larry Calies ’68, Greg Clow ’68, I think maybe Bill Evans ’67, and another that I can’t recall. They were pretty good as I remember. Dick Martin –  Evols also had Dan Schneider, Steve Marshall, Don Kraft, Al Wick, Scot Lange, but not Bill Evans. June 25 at 1:01pm

The ExcepshunsPam Windisch Horst – The Excepshuns had John Windisch, Mike Rotar, Jerry Brookins, Kenny Hanson, Buddy Lomas and Mike Bahr. June 23, 2016 via FB.

“Exhibit A” aka “Exhibit B” aka “City Life”Tom Clines (MFNHS 1977), UNKNOWN, Dale Schneider (Germantown 1976), Doug Burg (MFNHS 1976). Note: According to Bob Carter, City Life was not a Falls band. Also, he mentions that there were two Exhibit A bands, one was a Falls, the other?

The FastbacksRick Frederick – ld gtr, Mike Glennon – rh gtr, Jeff Schneider – bs, Gregg Bertucci – dr.

Gary G and the Auroras – Chuck Fischbach, 70June 19, 2016 – Mike, Gary Graph was lead guitar for Gary G and The Auroras and I played bass with them for a while.

Grand JuryDave Philipson (rhythm guitar), Larry Olbrantz (lead guitar), Ed Powell (keyboards), and Rick Gerlach (drums) from East and brothers Bruce Smith (bass) and Phil (keyboards) from North.

Kermit Kreek Band

The Kind – Paul Lutzke [MFHS 1969]: “Here we go. The Kind certainly was one of the premier bands at the time. They were made up of high school players from the Falls and G’town. Dennis Pokorny ’67 guitar, Tim Parimba on drums, John Kannenburg ’67 keyboard and saxophone G’town, Dave St. George played bass, and the other guitar player I don’t recall.” June 17, 2016 Also see Rockatomics!] Note: The Kind listed here are most likely The Revolutionary Kind, a Germantown band!

[Love Monkeys – Bob Carter with brothers Paul (MFHS ’72), and Dan (MFHS ’80), Riley Sly and with John Hauser.] This is an error!

Magnum Opus – Members: Steve Fredrichs (guitar), Peter Alt (Guitar/Flute),Steve L Daigle drums,Dennis Reifsteck Bass. Dan Burg – After Magnum Opus, Steve Fredrichs played in a band called “Big Wheel”. May 26, 2016 at 10:16am

The Mods

Nomads – Greg Fish (guitar), with Doug Larsen (drums), Pete Dunkle (guitar), and Dennis Watson (bass and saxophone), also Gary Duval [?, from Mary Bruss Kubesch]. [Jim Birch – All but Gary Duval were 1966 grads. Gary was a 1965 grad. June 23, 2016] They played at many high school dances in 1965-66. What about the Milwaukee and Oshkosh based Nomads?

On Strike – Jimmy Jahnke played bass. Jim Daigy was the drummer, Alan Aulik on key boards (could play anything), Rob Hearnamen guitar, vocals and at first Jim Martin played lead. They took on Jim Wiesling on lead on changed the name to Boat’n Landing.They became Tryst at some point, and Debbie [?] was the lead singer .

The Pacemen – Members: Rhythm guitar Dan Schneider, 16, Lily rd; Bass guitar Larry Naneovow, 15, Ann Ave.; Drummer Larry Rawen, 16, Westwood Dr.; Lead guitar Kevin Keeler, 15, Fond du Lac Ave, of of Menomonee Falls, Feb 1967. NOTE: Need to verify Jim and Larry’s surname correct spelling.

Pearl – with Jim Popp‎, Menomonee Falls East High School, July 17, 2010

Phaedra – Members: Tom Clines (MFNHS 1977), Dale Schneider [Germantown 1976], Doug Burg (MFNHS 1976).Bob Carter – Dan Burg…the Exhibit A band with your brother later became “Phaedra“, with the same members and another guitarist named Jim Potter…Falls North ’77. June 13 at 9:22pm

The Players – David R. Gallupe, guitar, with Steve Daigle, and ???

Rainbow Bridge – Ross Carini, and Randy Dietz, Marc Winclif, aka Wink, (North), and Bob Burton, also from North….and ?

The Reactions – Steve Daigle’s first high school band ,May 15, 1966. Members: Steve Frederichs, ’70, rhythm; Mike Lanceer, Lead; Phil Fishbach, bass; Steve Daigle, drums; Randy Carlson, singer.

Riley Sly – Bob Carter with brother Paul (’72), and Dan (’80), and with John Hauser (Love Monkeys). Early-Mid 80s.

Rockatomics – Paul Lutzke, ’69,: “Years later, I joined up with Dennis Pokorny, John Kannenburg, and Gregg Bertucci, ’70, to form a band called the Rockatomics. Dennis left us after a couple years, Gregg and John and I continued on for many years together. Gregg now lives outside of Mayville, I believe that John resides in the Falls, Dennis was living near Holy Hill last I heard, Tim Parimba sat in with us at times and he moved to California back in the ’80’s. “

The Royal Dukes – Chuck Fischbach, ’67, and Gary Graph. Mr Gross (Mary Jane Gross’, ’67, brother), Wayne Christopher, Larry Dospel, ’65, and Frank Roberts, ’67. FB June 17, 2016.

Sands of Tyme –

Sounds Of Society, from 1967-68, aka The Kyds from 68 to 70, [recorded two records in 69]. For a very short time known as Captain Kyd and the Merry Kyds Klub Band Changed the name to the American Express, the to just Express, which broke up around 1971.

Triple Threat – Members: Dan Burg [MFHS 1975] with the Carter brothers (Bob [MFHS 1977] and Dan [MFHS 1980]).

Tryst – See “On Strike”.

Void Where Prohibited -Rick Oblamski, ’72, Jill Badke Schmidt, ’72, Dale M. Wirt, ’72, Chuck Wise, ’70, Marc Sauer, ’70, (now Marcus Ashley). Also find JJ and the Jets.

Musicians & Vocalists:

            Dan Burg –

           Tom Clines – Bob Carter: Just a clarification…as I remember it, Tom Clines was in several bands & I believe the order was Phaedra, The Pearl Band, City Life, Exhibit A (not the same one Dan Burg mentioned). He later played with Hot Sauce. He still plays, but only as a hired gun!

           Marcus Ashly – see Marc Sauer

           Steve L. Daigle – The Hidden Drummer

           Chuck Fischback

           Marc Sauer aka Marc Ashley aka Marcus Ashley aka Marcus Ashly [legal name]

       Polka & Dance Bands:

           The “Burg Band” – Members were John Burg, Harvey Burg, “Lutz” Zastrow, and Johnny Toth

           Elmer Marks – and the Nightingale Ballroom

            Tony Radermacher – see

School Bands:

           St. Mary’s School Band and Choir

WZMF – Menomonee Falls’ own radio station