Nomads, Menomonee Falls band

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Nomads, Menomonee Falls band


Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 23, 2016

Updated 06/24/2016

Tim Theys – June 20 at 1:47pm – When our family lived on Briarwood Terrace, in the late ’60’s our neighbors up that street, Jackie and Lynn Larson’s older brother Doug had taught drums and was in a band with others that taught at Falls Music when it was still located at Rivercourt. I just don’t recall the name of the band.

Mary Bruss Kubesch – Doug Larson was in the Nomads

Tim Theys – Thank you for that Mary, that sounds right, thus ending years of mental stress trying to figure the band name (I was like seven or eight years old at the time).

Beth Brocker – I went to a practice at their house that Doug invited me to . You have a good memory Tim.

Tim Theys – Believe it or not, myself along with a Bong kid, or two may have been sitting right there with you cause every time we’d here that bass we would head that way .

Jim Birch – Also in the Nomads: Greg Fish, Pete Dunckel, Dennis Watson.

Mary Bruss Kubesch – And Gary Duval

Jim Birch – Didn’t remember Gary. Glad you did.

Paula Schryer Dabel – Remember that band, good memories

Mark Hartman – there is a band called the Nomads in New Mexico

Kim Ramuta Raatz – This is Lynn Larson. They were called the Nomads!

Kim Ramuta Raatz – By the way… Jackie and I charged admission !! June 20

Mike Reilly  -Anyone have pictures of the Nomads, the members, what years the members graduated from MF?

Jim Birch  -All but Gary Duval were 1966 grads. Gary was a 1965 grad.

Mike Reilly  – Thanks!

Lynn Renee  -I have pictures of my brother in the Nomads!!! Currently extorting cash from him in hopes I will not post them. So happy to hear these memories! I’ll tell him to get to the 50 th!!

Beth Brocker  – I hope he does come I haven’t seen him since high school.

Jim Birch  – Saw him a couple of times at UW Madison, but not since