Retrospect 1995-1999;  Features Sussex – Lisbon Community History; Sussex Sun

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    Retrospect Sussex 1995-1999;

Retrospect Sussex Sun: Yesteryear in Sussex, 2000 Plus; Features of Community History, 1995-2000 plus – see appendix for add on index and 2000 Plus features, by Sussex Historian, Fred H. Keller.

Compiled and Edited by Michael R.Reilly

Last Revised 08/15/2015 


Table of Contents  [Editor’s note: The table of contents at the book’s beginning doesn’t always give the exact title of article wording. That in quotes is with each individual article, plus additional photo notice, and where and when first (?) published in Sussex Sun and/or Lake country Reporter. These articles are listed as presented in this book; original article and photo(s) may be found in the Sussex Sun/Lake Country Reporter bound volume collection at the Pauline Haass Public Library in Sussex, Wisconsin.] Key words / phrases are also provided.

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1830 “Painting depicts historic ship”, Brigg Emma painting; Sussex Sun, Dec. 1, 1998

1848 “Settler’s home threatened” (Thomas S. Redford home built);  (page) 12 Tuesday, April 23, 1996 Sun

1848 “Wisconsin approaches 150th. year”,  Sussex area, photo: James Weaver; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Dec 30, 1997

1845-1856 “Lisbon chairman a killer”, photos: Col. David Bonham and tombstones; (page) 14 Tuesday, June 11, 1996 Sun

1830-1840’s “Weaving a family’s history”, Weaver families; (page) 24 Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1996 Sun

“Pages from the past”, 100 years ago, Feb 1869; 25 years ago, Feb 1971

1836-1886 “Melinda Weaver program”, photo: Melinda Weaver impersonators; Sussex Sun, May 12, 1998

1853 ; “Indian mounds in Merton”; photo: Michael Gregoric; Increase Lapham sketches of Merton and Hartland; Lake Country Reporter, Thursday,  Sept. 19, 1996, (page) 21.

1850’s-60’s “Ex-saloon has long history”  – Mike Spinks halfway house; underground railroad ?, photo: house for sale; “Former owner adds spice to ex-saloon’s past”; Lake Country Reporter, Thursday, June 13, 1996 (page) 21

1849-1910 “Sussex-Lisbon history owes a lot to Smith”, photo: Jeremiah Smith and wife Rebecca; Sun, Tuesday, April 8, 1997 (page) 9

1840’s to 1944 “Elliott family left mark in area”, photos: Sarah Boots Elliott and James Anderson Elliott; “Elliott family once largest in Town of Lisbon”

1847 to 1950’s “Maple Avenue has hidden treasures”; the teachers’ books, treasurer’s books and school board minutes from Sussex Graded School, Sixteen  and Lisbon Plank School, also include attendance records.;  on Dec. 12, the 50 books were donated to the collection of the Waukesha County Historical Society; (page) 16, Tuesday, Dec. 5, 1995 Sun

1862-1865 “Lisbon pioneer, Civil War casualty”, McGill family – photo: Charles McGill in uniform; “Confederate soldier in local history”

1862 “Gravestones found in area basement”, death of McGill daughters – photo: grave stones; “McGills were famous Lisbon family”, photo: McGill descendants; “McGill family reunion”; Sussex Sun, March 9, 1999

1878 “Cream brick school was 11 in 1878”, photo: Main Street School Sussex, class 1878; Sussex Sun, Sept. 8, 1998

1886-1904 “Article excerpts highlight history”, McKerrow family clippings – history, photos: George McKerrow and Jennie Belle McKerrow (includes Elizabeth Rodgers McKerrow); “A peek into area’s papered past”; Sussex Sun, Aug. 16, 1994

1897-98? “Photo shows 151 years”, Lisbon picnic 151 years ago; McKerrow, Watson, McGill, Seaborn, McCartney; Pages From the Past, Sussex Sun, July 6, 1999.

1898 “Old school photos unearthed”; Photos: Sussex Main Street School; Eunice Davidson with William Stone and Homer Craven; Sussex Sun, June 9, 1998

1855-1903 “Old Union Church stood for 48 years”, photo:  on K and Waukesha Ave.; Sussex Sun, Oct.6, 1998

1885 “Boots Tavern once a Main Street focal point”, photo: tavern circa 1885; Sussex Sun, Sept. 15, 1998

1885-1895-1921 “Steeple once topped St. James”, photo: circa 1895, church with steeple

1890’s “Marx family came to Sussex in 1890s”, photo: Marx family 1890’s; Sussex Sun, April 21, 1998; additional photos and commentary appear Sussex Sun, Dec. 7, 1999

1870 to 1900 “Store offers glimpse of local history”, David Topping General Store, photos of David Topping, daughter Nellie, Estella May Topping; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1997

1856 to present “Empire Prairie is Sussex West”, photo: Bonham and Weaver descendants from King City, Missouri; (page) 14, Tuesday, June 4, 1996 Sussex Sun.

1890’s “Stadler acquires local memorabilia”, Champeny crock found, photo: Terri Stadler with Champeny Creamery butter crock; Sussex Sun, Nov. 3, 1998

1897 “Town recalls murder of 100 years ago”, James Butler murders wife Mary, photo/sketch: James Butler; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1998

1897 “History: murderer of 1897 captured”, The second article in a two-part series; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 17, 1998

1897 “100-year-old murder story continues”, Jeremiah Smith scrap book uncovered; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1998

1886 “Replacement of Historical Marker”, photo: Terry Fojtik, Maple Ave. School teacher, headed campaign for local historical marker. Death of Melinda Weaver; marker put up. Sussex Sun, Nov. 10, 1998.

1900 “Horne farm was Butler farm in 1900”; Sussex Sun, Jan. 19, 1999

1892-1915? “Herman Kaderabek: hunter, butcher”, photo: vacant lot where Malsch Furniture was put up; Herman Kaderabek hunting party

1900 “Sussex Post Office / Campbell Blacksmith Shop”,  postcard of shop and post office, Sussex plat map of 1891; Sussex Sun, April 6, 1999.

early 1900s “Fred Schroeder’s Meat Market – Templeton, photo Fred Schroeder and wife in front of market; Sussex Sun, Oct. 12, 1999

1900 “Lannon Railroad Depot Circa 1900″, Bug Line Depot; Sussex Sun, Aug. 17, 1999

1914 ” 1914 Map of Colgate”, plat map; Sussex Sun, Nov. 10, 1998

1903 “Old watering hole a gathering”, Boots’ Peace and Plenty Tavern watering hole, photo: circa 1897-1903; Sussex Sun, Oct. 5, 1900

1902 “Mantheys return to Town of Lisbon”, photos: Max and Susan Manthey; and Glenn and Margaret Manthey; Sussex Sun, Nov. 17, 1998

1905 “Sussex Main Street”, postcard; Sussex Sun, June 15, 1999

1905? “Barber Shop, Shoe Repair”, Andrew Davidson, photo; Sussex Sun, July 20, 1999

1905? “Schroeder General Store – Lannon”, photo;

1905 “A Zion confirmation”, photo: confirmation class – 1905, Marx, Brushaber, Krueger, Mamerow, Schroeder, Hohenwald, Metzger, Riewe, Trapp;  Sussex Sun, March 3, 1998.

1908 “Main Street Sussex Going East to Maple Avenue about 1908”; Sussex Sun, Oct. 27, 1998

1908 “Intersection: the way it used to be”, photo: intersection of Main Street and Silver Spring, also called Slant Road, Milwaukee Street, and Grogan’s Alley; Sussex Sun, June 23, 1998.

about 1910 “Bridge at Sussex Millpond, photo, Sussex Creek dam; Sussex Sun, Nov. 23, 1999.

1908 “Looking back: Halloween in 1908”, photo: Nettie White, teacher and her students, Leo Howard, C. B. Buck, Kaderabek, Marx, Rosier, Campbell, Hardiman, lees; Sussex Sun, Oct. 13, 1998.

about 1908 “Postcard remembers times past”, photo: Victorian home, Richard Russell / Youngbauer / Caesar; Sussex Sun, Oct. 29, 1996, page 19.

1909 “John Stier’s Home on Main Street, Sussex”. photo, Emma Holweck; Sussex Sun, Jan. 5, 1999.

about 1909 “A look at the lives of Jeremiah, Rebecca Smith”, photo, Weaver; Sussex Sun, 1999.

about 1909 “The Smiths: pioneers of the Town of Lisbon”, Sussex Sun, Oct. 19, 1999.

about 1910 “Postcards reflect peaceful Lake Five”,  four postcards; Sussex Sun, Sept. 15, 1998.

1909-1910 “Sussex Downtown Main Street”, photo, Joe Marsden Block, Clarence Baer General store, Emily Frost, Buck & Gauthier, Gauthier & Fryer General store, Lees General store, Schuman IGA, Charles Woodchick; Sussex Sun, Oct 20, 1998.

1910 “Lannon Blacksmith”, photo: Joecks Blacksmith Shop; Sussex Sun, June 29, 1999

1910 “Photo shows piece of history”, Lannon Grade School picture, John P. Stier, Robert, Emma;  Sussex Sun, April 8, 1997 and April 15, 1997.

1911 Templeton Postmaster Frank Schroeder”, photo; Sussex Sun, Dec. 21, 1999.

1890-1916 “Sussex Quarry Has Rich Past”, photo, Templeton Lime and Stone company; Sussex Sun, Aug. 4, 1998

1910 “RR construction remembered”, Ed and Dorothy McLaughlin, North Western railroad, William Lannon, Fox river, Whiskey Corners, (3) photos of culvert construction;  (page) 20 Tuesday, April 25, 1995, Sun.

about 1910 “Lisbon Brothers” photo: three Hardiman brothers; Sussex Sun, July 13, 1999.

1910 “A Streetcar in Colgate”, fake postcard of streetcar in downtown Colgate, Frank Stern; Sussex Sun, Nov. 24, 1998.

1910 “Photo recalls first Lisbon farm”, Thomas S. Redford, Mindemann, photo: “Redford-Mindemann farm was the first in the town of Lisbon”;  Sussex Sun, April 14, 1998.

1911 “Mindemanns left mark on Sussex”, German Lutheran cemetery, Maple Ave., Mecklenburg, Germany;  (page) 12 Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1997 Sun. “Mindemann family among first settlers”; (page) 28 Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1997.

“Another look at Mindemann’s”, photo: Cooling boys, Roy Cooling, Alice Mindemann, Norma Backay; Sussex Sun, April 8, 1997

“Harold Cooling’, obituary.

“Cooling’s homestead now Prides Crossing, photos: Alice A. Mindemann Cooling and “The Cooling Boys”; Sussex Sun, Aug. 16, 1999

1912 “Sun area has ties to Titanic tragedy”, Kathy Klager, Sunnyside cemetery, Louise Klink Kroepfl, Louise Pope, photos: Klager with James Cameron’s book “Titanic”, cemetery headstones, “Sinking of Titanic ties in with local history”; Sussex Sun, April 21, 1998.

1914 “Lannon plat reveals past”, 1914 Lannon property plat map, Flannagan, street name changes, Davis Brothers, Bug Line, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad; Sun, Tuesday, March 19, 1996 (page) 17.

1915 “Lake Five, 1915”, postcard of “Pfister’s Boat House”, Patrick McGovern, post office, Daniel Heckkock, Lake Five School; (page) 16 Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1997 Sun.

1915 “Photograph Identities Unknown”, photo: 1915 Lannon Milwaukee-Waukesha County League championship team , nine players and manager (?) – all unknown; Sussex Sun, Sept. 8, 1998.

“Hotel has history”, 106 years old, Mammoth Spring Hotel, Dilly’s Bar & Grill, Killarney’s, McCluskey’s, Club Midel, Don Lucy’s Club, Don Lawrence, Lucy Lauer, Tobin, Zimmermann’s Corners, Bob Ische; (page) 22, Sussex Sun, Tuesday, April 12, 1994.

1915 “Can You Identity This Home?”, photo: birthplace of Madeline Tempero Lembke, Weaver, Millikin Realty; Sussex Sun, June 20, 1995.

about 1915 “Ethnic German Children In Sussex -Lisbon about 1915, photo, Irmgard Haass, Hornig, Meider, Granela Busse, Elizabeth Schneider, Paul Riewe, Lee Graser; Sussex Sun, Nov. 15, 1998.

1915 “Going, Going”, photo:  Sussex Place, Brook Hotel, Paul Schroeder, park; (page) 4 Tuesday, June 27, 1995 Sun.

1918 “1918 held memorable Armistice Day”,  photo: Lila Busse Graser, Mr. Cannon, bank, Brook Hotel, Mickey Clarey, Annie Brown, John Magnusson, Kayser, Herb’s, Fleischman’s, Caldwell Gates, Frank Schroeder; Sussex Sun, Nov. 9, 1999.

Spring 1920 “Spring 1920, Sussex Main Street School Program”, photo: Miss Pearl Boots’ intermediate classroom, Busse, Kuphall, Manke, Ries, Schroeder, Christianson, Stone, Motz, ; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 1997.

1920’s “Struck Farm on Waukesha Avenue”, Carl and Alvina Struck, Ray and Roy Gessert, Davidson – Charles rose Barn, Schroeder Implement, Charles F. Rademan, Sr. and wife Helen; Sussex Sun, Dec. 1, 1998.

about 1920    “Sussex Main Street School About 1920”, Sussex Village Hall, Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department substation; Sussex Sun, Jan. 26, 1999.

1920’s “Take a Guess”, photo: Taylor Hotel, Templeton, Relots Tavern, Ralph Trapp, Berger’s Olde Templeton Inn, Fordson tractor, Iron-on-iron; Sussex Sun, Sept 24, 1996, page 17.

Tom Taylor, Ray, Archie Reith, butcher shop, Oliver Basting (“The story was appreciated”; Sussex Sun, Oct. 1, 1996)

1920’s “Recalling the roaring ’20s”, photo: “Flappers in the 1920’s”, Jessie Brown Stier, Mary Gerkin Kerstein, Alice Malsch Kramer, Roy, Otis, Audrey; Sussex Sun, Sept. 10, 1996, page 23, continued “They were the flappers of Sussex”.

1921-1922 “Sussex State school revisited”, photo: 1921 grades first thru third, Sussex State Graded School, Ruby Stone Kazmerchak, Clyde Wiledon, Morris Hartkopf, Ray Schroeder, Elmer Brooks, Sven Magnusson, Hutchinson, Warner Kerr, Ella Dittman, Grace Medhurst, Eva Stier, Charles Rademann, Helen Dewey Lees, Amelia C. Winger, Warren Stone, Marie Lempke, Stanley Stone, Stier, Severa Mueller, Florence Schaefer, Lois Hepler, Art Manke, Cornelia Gruelich, Edna Zillmer, Elizabeth Mudlitz, Mary Ries, Esther Kayser, Otto Paul Abel, Arthur Kirschloff, William Cole; Milo Cooling, Art Manke; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, April 9, 1996, page 8.

1915 to 1930’s “Old Sussex bar token a reminder of bygone era”, Charlie Zimmermann, Sussex Lumber Do-It Center, Paul E. Schroeder, Sussex Place Sports Bar, temperance hall, hotel, bar, Brook Hotel, Krueger’s, Donkle’s Tap, Jolly Bar, Skeet Weeds, someplace Else, Wacky Shack, Sussex Place IV, Lloyd “Shakey” Weaver, Bernie Krueger, Marion Donkle, William Bierman, Stortz; Sussex Sun, May 11, 1999.

1921 “A Wondeland life”, Mike Mooney, Madeline Lembke, Sussex Corporate Center, Weaver, Alfred, Sarah Howard, Civil War, Charles Tempero,  Post Office, Templeton, Pewaukee, Mooney LeSage Group; Sussex Sun, Oct. 24, 1995, page 9.

1922 “The Great Sussex Grade School Fire”, Main Street School, photos: two, village hall; Sussex Sun, July 21, 1998.

1925 “Independence Day”, photo: parade, Nash fire truck, Lisbon Fire Co., Mickey Clarey, Chief William “Bill” Smith, July 4, 1925;

1924 “Sussex village hall was once a school”, photo: “Sussex Grade School, 1924”; Zillmer, Podolske, Lawler, Manke, Brooks, Arter, Buege, McLaughlin, Schroeder, Kirchoff, Stier, Krueger, Hartkoph, Mudlitz, Lingelbach Wilkerson, Lees, Cannon, Owen, Busse, Kayser, Gumm, Greulich, Schmidt, Stone, Christoph.  Sussex Sun, Tuesday, March 18, 1997, page 12.

1924 “The birth of Sussex remembered”, 75th anniversary, village, incorporate, incorporation, Sussex, Templeton, Charles Rose, Schroeder Implement, Mammoth Spring Canning Co., Kraemer, Advancement Association, Sussex Lisbon Business and Professional Association, Main Street School, Lisbon Fire Dept, George W. Lawler, Carl Marx, Carlson Auto, Frank Schroeder, ; Sussex Sun, June 15, 1999.

1924 “Sussex General Store On Main Street”, photo: Boots General Store, Richard Weaver, David Topping, Sam “Doc” Worthington, Lees, Eugene Meyer; Sussex Sun, August 18, 1998.

1924 “Sussex Summer Parade 1924”, photo, Nash truck, Pirsch, Kenosha,  fire dept, Mickey Clarey, William Smith, Melinda Weaver, Sussex Square Professional Building; Sussex Sun, August 25, 1998.

June 1, 1925 “Teams remembered”, “Girls Basketball, 1925”, photos: Sussex Two-Year High School , first team with subs, second team, Abel, Schroeder, Busse, Schneider, Wileden, Winger, Motz, Mueller, Schafer, Owens, Meissner, Hatzinger, Graser, O’Conner, Greenquist, Wendt, Vredenbregt, Marsden Building, Lees General store; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, February 24, 1998.

June 28, 1928 “Two 1920s Sussex belles”, photo: Janette / Jeanette, Sussex Gun Club;  Brown and Jessie Brown, Scotch Billy Brown, James Weaver, Herb Beier, Roy Stier, garage Sussex Fire Dept., Beier’s Garage, Templeton Garage, Fleischmann Cheese Factory, Sussex Rifle Club, Lion’s Club, blacksmith, Gen. Joe Warren, Bunker Hill, Dwight Eisenhower; Sussex Sun, January 12, 1999.

1920’s “Snapshots of Sussex past found”, photo’s: Herb Beier’s Templeton Garage; Bob Brown’s “Star”, Charles Renner, Renner Olds; Charles Busse “Gas For the New Car”, Hudson, Essex, cars, “Red Crown” gasoline; Sussex Sun, September 3, 1996.

1925? “Garage was near Main St.”, photos: Herbie Beier, Homer Stone, cranks a Ford,; “Fill ‘ER UP”, pours Mobil oil, William Stone Grace Wileden

1927 “Sussex of old stages a play in 1927”, photo, Lila Busse Graser, play, Order of the Eastern Star, Marsden Building, Sussex General Store, music “Sussex Gloom Chasers”, Ray Morgan, Pearl Boots, Claude Kaderabek, Adella Evert, Percy Hardiman, Hilda Schroeder, Paul Schroeder, Art Meyer, George Podolske, John Stier, Nettie White, Lila Kaderabek, “The Path Across the Hill”; Sussex Sun, August ?, 1999.

1927 “Sussex Eastern Star Leaders”, photo: Chapter, 159 Order of the Eastern Star; Ellen Campbell, Mary Stier, Elizabeth Harris, Annette Howard, Emily Evert, Elsie Busse, Meta Lingelbach, Della Evert, Shirley Morgan, , Masonic lodge, ; Sussex Sun, July 27, 1999.

1928 “The Womenless Wedding”, photo, play production of the Hartland American Legion Band, Marion Haerle Cullen, , Phil Haerle; Lake country Reporter, Thursday, August 31, 1995, page 8.

1928 “A First Family of Sussex 1928”. photo: John, Emma, Eva Marie, Katherine, Maryanna, Stier, Butch Hart, Betty, Swen Magnusson, Marjorie, Marv Kramer, Bob, Marilee; Sussex Sun, August 11, 1998.

1929 “The Future Halquist Quarry”, photo: abandoned water-filled quarry, James Weaver, Marie Dahlke, Erna Wegner, Dorothy Mehringer, Ruth Tempero, Esther Nettesheim, Madeline Tempero, Lisbon, John Halquist; Sussex Sun, November 2, 1999.

1930’s “High school letters have evolved”, Sussex high school athletic letters, photos: 1931, 1939, 1937-1947, Marion Haerle, Hamilton, Stanley Stone, basketball, Virginia, Otto Paul Abel, Ben Gumm, Robert Cannon, Baseball Hall of Fame, Dan Gruelich, Gerhardt Braeger, Winston Brown; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, August 15, 1995, page 32.

1938 “Special trees planted” “In Sussex shop founder’s name”, village par, Marion Orval Cullen, Philip Minnie Haerle, Haerle’s Village Shoe Store, Dr. George Lawler, Lillie Lees Lawler, Richard Weaver homestead; Sussex Sun, August 15, 1995, page 33.

1934 “!6 School in town of Lisbon has rich past”, photo: 16 school in 1940’s, School no. 5, Hillside road, Good Hope road, Northwest Ordinance of 1783, section, school section, Dorothy Raymond, Dorothy, Wacholz, Thelma Halquist, David Manke, Barbara Schafer, Dick, Daniel Meissner, Mark, Elizabeth, Ray Schmidt, Martha Rankin, Marjorie Fryda, Donna, Adena Mark Schultz; Sussex Sun, May 19, 1998.

1934 “Magnusson, rock have interesting history”, photo: The Big Rock”, Art Magnusson, blacksmith,, John, North Western Railroad, Templeton, Taylor Hotel, Berger’s Olde Templeton Inn, Sussex Inn, Hilda, Swen, Margaret, Ingrid, Helen, Richard Weaver, William Powrie, “U. S. Observatory”, “Big Rock”, Floater, Lloyd Turner, gravel, Dale Dawson’s Lannon Stone Products, Halquist; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, April 29, 1997, page 9.

1936 “New 1936 Diesel”, photo: 1936 new-fangled, oil-burning McCormick-Deering WD-40 diesel tractor, Andrew Butler, Bob, William, steel lugged; Sussex Sun, August 24, 1999.

1938-39 ” Historic school days remembered”, photo: “Seventh and Eighth Grade 1938-39”, Betty Gruetzmacher, Dorothy Struck, Marjorie, Marion Etzel, Shirley DeLany, Herman Schmackle, Sydney Gissal, George Schroeder, John Dequardo, Arlene D’orazio, Florence Blum, Theresa Cirillo, Dominic, Orval Cullen, John Walsh, Jim, Orlow, Jack Gerlach, Elmer Weyer, Mildred Strube, Margaret, Margaret Miller, teacher Miss Ethel May Curtis , Wilmer Schaich, Clarence Harder, Wilmer Zimdars, Jim Boyle, Wyatt Voss, Harvey Gastrau, Lannon Grade School; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, July ?, ????.

1932-33 “First grade picture brings back memories of depression years”, photo: First and Second Grade 1932-33″, Lannon Grade School,  Sydney Gissal, Marcelino Ausonio, Joan Dequardo, Kurt, Struck, Will Stitz ?, Betty Gruetzmacher, Madeline Quartaro, Arnie Schaich, Bundella Schultz ?, Bill Hilger, Ruth Brushaber, Shirley DeLany, George Schroeder, Margaret Struck, Wilmer Schalla, Harvey Gastrau, Wilmer Schaich, Bernice Beier, John Walsch, John Stautner, Marjorie Gruetzmacher, Margaret Miller, Elmer Weyer, teacher Miss Gehl, Orval Cullen, Florence Blum, Elwood Schultz, Mildred Strube, Dorothy, Justine Ausonio, Anthony Roebel, Jim Boyle, Jack Gerlach, Wilmer Zimdars; Sussex Sun, ?

1933 “Charles A. Busse”, photo: Busse in his Templeton butcher shop, nickname “Cab”, also “Apple Charlie”, Elsie, slaughterhouse, ice house; Sussex Sun, February 16, 1999.

“Blessing of the Babies”, photo: 1950 St. James Catholic Church, Lannon, Father Francis Finnegan, Doris Walter, Joan Walsh, Elenor Knoebel, Joe Ries, Elizabeth Ries, Genevieve Mastracola, Lorraine Schroeder, Dorothy Ries, Rose Cull, Ron Cull, Florence Hart, Walter Becker, Connie Becker, Vince  Stark, Susie Hart, Betty Marx, Fr. Halloran, Joe Friess, Katherine Flannagan Delahunt; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, march 18, 1997, page 17.

early 1940’s “Stone wall a fixture on Main Street”, photo: World War II Period, Betty Stier, Bob Kramer, Ross and Julie Brown, Joseph Prittcard, Sophie, Marge Stier, Marvin Kramer, Tom martin, Slim Strobel, Sussex Auto, Nash sedan, Swen Magnusson, Marvin and Marge Kramer; Sussex Sun, April 27, 1999.

“School photo brings back memories”, Sussex main street School, photo: fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students 1941, “Intermediate Room”, Virginia Kagel, Delores “Pat” Tetzlaff, Arlene Weber, Betty Lou Feller, Shirley Schlei, Dorothy Schultz, Juanita Meyer, Lorraine Mudlitz, Yvonne Erdman, Jerome Weinert, Barbara Peterson, Claudia Kaderabek, Bernadine Haasch, Betty Manke, Gordon Pfeil, Boyd Fuller, Clarence “Clancy” Golner, Harold Krueger, Gerald Weber, John “Jack” Mamerow, John “Jack” Beier, Marylyn Reiwe, Donald Pierotti, James Pace, James Gagan, James booth, Stanley Fuller, William Bailey, William Becker, Arthur Magnusson, Donald Weber, William Beier, Kathryn Schmackle, Doris Jenkins, Jeanette Schmackle, Raymond Voehl, Courier, Sussex Rifle Club, Steiner Brothers’ Cheese Factory, Skating, Jim Booth, Land O’Rivers, Charles Zimmermann, Sussex Mills, Girl Scout, Mindy’s Antiques, Quality Limestone, Village Hall; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, September ?, 1997.

1941-42 “Old hoops rivalries”, photo: Sussex High School 1941-1942, girls basketball, community Hall, Shirley Fagen (Kelly), Lois Kraemer (Wandsneider), Lenore “Nory” Dopke (Cain), Marion Mamerow (Knoebel), Gertrude Joecks (Keipper), Elsie Wileden (Weyer), Lois Ann Mantz (Gill), Vera Harris (Bernhardt), Arlene Weber (Kohls), Norma Susens (Micensky), Jean Otto (Batha), gym, courier, Lannon, Sussex Blood bank; Sussex Sun, Tuesday, October 31, 1995, page 31.


Sept 1996  Plant to get historical marker  by Fred H. Keller,Photos Barbara and Don Mech, hop vine, cones, James, Richard, William ,Weaver;, Hamilton Heights subdivision, historical marker; Source: Sussex Sun, Tuesday, September 10, 1996, page 27.