The Fastbacks band, Menomonee Falls

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The Fastbacks band, Menomonee Falls


Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 23, 2016


According to Jill Schmidt – Greg Bertucci also belonged to The Fastbacks. See below.

Gary Myers – I show Fastbacks as Rick Frederick – ld gtr, Mike Glennon – rh gtr, Jeff Schneider – bs, Gregg Bertucci – dr. They had a 1971 45 on Sheri (which, I believe was part of Rainbow). June 23, 2016

Mike Reilly – Thanks Gary!

Gary Myers – Steve Daigle was in American Express (on Teen Town) & he’s on fb, so you ought to be able to get more info from him,

Mike Reilly Steve is sending me copies of the 45s.
Gary Myers – You mean the American Exp 45, or did the Players also have one?
Gary Myers – BTW, it seems as if the Chosen Few were quite plentiful – bands by that name all over the country.
Mike Reilly  – Steve L Daigle, your package arrived today, Thursday. Gary, he sent two copies of Teen Town TT-111 with The American Express. Steve, did The Players record?
Gary Myers  – There is an unrelated Chosen Few in my 1st bk & a correction for them in the 2nd bk, as they had nothing to do with the record shown in the 1st one. They just had a member who liked to take credit for anything he could when I interviewed him.

Dan Burg  – Tom Clines was in Pearl Band, City Life,Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Phaedra (and probably some others)
Dean Joecks  – I think Mike Glennon was in the Fastbacks.
Gary Myers  – Dean, see my post somewhere above.