Thee Radicals band

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Thee Radicals Band

Mike Truttschel: Mike Reilly, this is a very cool thing that you are doing to preserve musical memories for a lot of us. I’m adding some photo albums to my FB page of my previous bands “The Reason Why” and “We Return.” You are welcome to use any of those as well. One other band that had Sussex Hamilton people in it was a band called “Thee Radicals.” I don’t recall every member but names that come to mind are Bill Lonski and Paul Reicher (and maybe a Mathison or Bill Longdin?) who all lived in Silver Meadows subdivision across from Hamilton. Laurie Wick married Bill Lonski and she is a FB friend of mine. They may be of some help to you.

May 20, 2015 – James Marx: By the way there was another Sussex band called Thee Radicals. Mike McQuestion who lived on the farm just west of Sussex Bowl where I think Pick N Save is now was in it. We used to have a weekend of music and partying on the farm that was called The Harvest Ball.

May 21, 2015 –Pamela Mindemann HoardI got involved with three band members, Bill Lonski, and two more guys, with Brad Nettekoven (MFH School) on drums. Their signature song was ‘Gloria”. I was a groupie. Played tambourine. Hung with them 2 years. Then met Jim Monroe (Coach) who introduced me to Stogie or Stewie, and Slim. Slim, Stogie, and my dad all knew each other, and moms. That meant I could go wherever with them. First saw the band playing “The kids are all right”. Went to a couple of gigs where they played. Jim Max was around with us at that time, but I do not know if he played. These guys introduced me to real rock and roll. Concert after concert. Beginning with The Young Rascals. I went to a harvest ball at McQuestions. Mike and Cousin Kevin, and a very close and dear friend of my Mary McQuestion. Mike is a doctor now. Enough for now. Just my perspective guys.

May 21, 2015 – Mike Mcquestion Thee Radicals: Bill Lonski (lead), Brad Nettekoven (drums), Paul Reichert (organ), Mike McQuestion (bass), Kevin McQuestion (rhythm)

May 22, 2015 – Mike Mcquestion We formed in 1966-67 out of Hamilton HS. Bill Lonski and Paul Reicher (Tall Paul) were sophomores. I was a freshman at Waukesha Catholic Memorial (a year behind Slim Marx). My cousin Kevin, out of Brookfield, was a freshman at Marquette. Brad Nettekoven (Bad Brad), a sophomore at Menominee Falls, joined the band later. Wayne Knight and Joe Beaudry (The Politician) became our managers. Marilyn Brocker (Menominee Falls Music) fronted us our equipment. (We eventually paid for it all.) Our moms had to drive us to our first jobs. We covered the Beatles, the Cream, Wilson Pickett, Young Rascals, the Beegees, the Buckinghams, the Animals, Hendriks, the Doors. High points were the many CYO and homecoming dances, the Menominee Falls Battle of the Bands, playing State Fair, the Marquette fraternities, having Bob Barry emcee u., Our idols were the Revolutionary Kind, The Next Five, the Robbs. Our rivals were the Common Kind and The Plague out of Catholic Memorial. It was a pure moment , a coming of age akin to the film American Graffiti.